Male Reader’s Life Is So Upside Down, He Needs A Fix

The truth is after reading his story, I couldn’t find an
appropriate headline. Find the unedited story below.
Ladun you are doing a very fantastic work and may God crown
your efforts. Please I am at a cross road here and I don’t know which way to
turn. Ladun I hope you can put my story up so that I can at least get your
readers opinions as I have no siblings to talk to and I can’t discuss my
marital issues with my friends because they will make fun of my situation. It
might not sound new to you but trust me men are the best gossiping species on
I met my fiancée 12yrs ago(dec 2002). she is from Anambra
state while I am from Edo state,I met her when she just finished her secondary
school leaving certificate, and was waiting for her result ,as she was planning
to enter the university, eventually she was admitted into a university in the
eastern part of the country, after 2yrs in the university she suggested that we
get married, I was surprised because we were both young, I told my mother and
she said we should do a little introduction and when she is through in the
university we can get married, I told her what my mother said and she agreed
the following month we went for the introduction and it was settled, we came
back with the engagement list and promised her family members we would return
soon for the marital rites.

Few weeks after the introduction, she told me that she
wanted to travel to lagos to see her aunt, and since I live in Ibadan, she
branched my house on her way from the East, I noticed she was looking slim and
pale I asked her what the problem was and she said she just treated malaria, I
insisted I take her to the hospital but she said she was fine and will treat
herself in lagos, to cut the story short she went to lagos and returned back to
school, I travelled to the east to visit her in school and she told me she had
a confession to make, she said when she stopped by at my house from school the
last time she was told she had fibroid so she went to lagos for the sugery, I
felt bad because she lied to me but then I forgave her, it was at that moment
that I noticed that for all the years that I had known her she never told me
she was pregnant , but there is this side chick I had in Ibadan she gets
pregnant at the slightest touch infact may God forgive me I told her to abort
her pregnancy on several occasions, after series of abortion, the side chick
decided to leave this particular pregnancy and said come rain or sunshine she
won’t have an abortion, and I told her that I have always said I cant marry her
because I don’t love her, it was just a fling thing and we both knew this from
the beginning, she contacted my mom and told her everything, my mom said she
must keep the pregnancy which I later agreed too, because she said my fiancée has
never told her for one day that she was pregnant for me, now she has delivered
a bouncing baby boy and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world and she
has also decided to stay as she has moved all her belongings into my house.
Before now my fiancée and I went to see a doctor who is a
very close friend of mine and he confirmed to me that her chance of getting
pregnant is very slim,infact it will be a miracle for her to have a child. My
fiancée does not know that my side chick and I have a child together .I love my
fiancée so much that I cant leave her because of the fact that she cant have a
child,but what will people say,I cant stay with my side chick for another one
year because she knows I don’t love her and she has been making my life
miserable, she saw the engagement list the family of my finance gave me and she
has made life a living hell for me, I am now a shadow of myself and my business
is falling apart, I can find a way to tell my fiancée about the child but it
also means I wont be able to take care of him, My fear and worry is that should
I leave the side chick and go back to my fiancée but truth be told I cant leave
my son and my fiancée cannot have a child except there is a miracle,I have
realised my mistakes because I know I brought it all upon myself, I am in a dilemma.

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