Photos: Egor Efiok Recounts Accident Ordeal

Renowned publicist Egor Efiok who was some days ago involved
in an auto crash has recounted how she made it alive and what has become of her
wounded arm. Egor who is full of thanks to God took to her Facebook page where
she expressed herself and also showed off photos of the healing arm.
This is my arm yesterday. Still very painful and swollen,
but it is slowly getting back to shape. I still can’t get over the splendid job
my ACE Dr Efiok has done. It was in a right mess before I came here. I was
initially rushed to a nearby village hospital after the crash and woke up to
see a nurse with a baby strapped on her back sewing my arm like a seamstress
sewing material and saying, “Aunty please keep ya hand well make I sew
am”…with blood everywhere and nothing to numb the area. Sai! I nearly
passed out again from the pain.  Continue…

My arm was in tatters when I got here with blue rubber
stitches roughly scattered everywhere to hold the pieces of torn skin together.
Well, I guess that was their way of trying to stop the bleeding. As you can
see, all the stitches have now been taken out, as they’d definitely have given
me keloids after healing. The arm has practically been ‘sandpapered’ to ensure
that I don’t have a scar after it heals.
Thank you for your prayers, everyone; as you can see, I am
in good hands and my mouth is still sharp! Lol!!! #‎ThankYouJESUS

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