President Jonathan Has No Intention Of Postponing 2015 Elections- Okupe

The presidency has denied yesterday that president Jonathan
has plans of postponing the forth coming elections. According to Dr. Doyin
Okupe who spoke at the 2014 Nigerian Pilot/Newsworld Annual Public Lecture and
Awards, there is no truth in the allegations by opposition parties that the president
intends to post pone the February 2015 elections, he said. He described the
statement as idiotic and says they are the ones who see political positions as
a do or die/ win at all cost affair. I see no reason why he will want to postpone the elections when
he is sure of being re-elected next year on the basis of his substantial
performance, Okupe said, Now read his speech at the ceremony below where he also addressed other issues.

“I have followed politics for over 30 years; I have never
ever been impressed by the Nigerian political elites, never. It’s a personal
and self indictment but that is the truth. 
The struggle for power blind folds them and it is not a national
struggle, it is a personal struggle and we are ready to do anything and
everything. It is not just the style. I was in NRC; I was in Geneva Convention,
anytime we need to fight for a purpose, it is always do or die me or nobody.
And that is why we have not made progress. I am part of and will not exclude

“I feel like-this are my thoughts-political parties should
offer alternative platforms for people to consider,  I come-this is what I will do for the
country, this is my background, you come you say your own then allow people to
“When people choose that is the end of it. All politics
should end the day you cast you ballots. I contested virtually all the
elections, I have won very few, but I have never ever rigged an election for
myself or for anybody. I have never done it.
“The Nigerian political class must- well I don’t want to say
things that are rhetorical because it doesn’t make sense, but I want to say
must learn great lessons but it is too late. Maybe the younger generation may
have different perspectives. We have not undergone the election itself and
people are saying that we will form a parallel government for an election you
have not lost.
“We will form parallel government! Parallel to what?
Supposing you win? When you have not undergone an election and you assumed that
you are going to lose, and that if and when you lose you will form parallel
government.  In very civil societies,
people like that, whatever political tendencies they represent should totally be
wiped off from peoples memories as bad teachers.
“Those are not people that will mean well for the country.
If you are a politician, canvass for votes, say all the good things you know
about yourself and your candidates and let the people decide. I have also
heard- it is not even a matter of hearing it, yesterday on twitter, another
politician said that the president, Goodluck Jonathan, is fanning the war
(against Boko Haram), so that the election can be postponed. That was quite
“A man that is waiting to be crowned forgets that is the
Otunba that is speaking….this is Africa, this is Nigeria, this is a president
that has run and that has held the office for four years, to the glory of God
he has been able to make some substantial performance, unarguably.
Every indication points out to the lengthy road of his
winning, so why will he want to stop the election that his likely opponent has
no record of winning anything?
“ It is unfortunate that they are on drugs …if Nigeria were
to be a private estate owned by some of us, with Goodluck Jonathan  as the Managing Director and Chief Executive
of that estate, will anybody change him for a Buhari?
“It is not likely, but because Nigeria doesn’t belong to
anybody and the elites are not stakeholders, that is why people will want to
use people just to get power, whether it is for good or for bad they really
don’t care.
“So when people do things like this, it make issues and
challenges that will come in 2015 very very frightful.  As a matter of fact, the greatest problem we
will have in post 2015 will be the acceptance of defeat by losers.
“I want to tell you for sure, President Goodluck Ebele
Jonathan is not desperate, even till this morning, I had breakfast with him,
and he is not desperate for power. If at this stage you ask why then is he
running? He is running on the basis of principle.
“He is a good Christian and a responsible man. The Bible
says no man having put his hand on the plough and turneth back, is fit for the
kingdom of God.
“That is why we are running. We have done so well, we have
been encouraged by so many people. We have got the best stars in the
firmament.  They tell you things, they
say that the president is clueless, that is a joke.
“Let’s just assume for a minute that the president is
clueless, is Okonjo Iweala clueless? Can you say the Minister of trade and
investment Olusegun Aganga is clueless also? The Director of Budget of this
country is a Harvard graduate.

“These are jokers! My chairman Sir, I was not meant to speak
her sir and I do not intend to speak for long. I want to thank the publisher
and your team. I want to say here that you are very supportive of the
government but you are also very critical of the government. Ladies and
gentlemen I rest my case”.

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