Put A Smile On A Child’s Face Today! Joys Oyedepo Writes

Here’s what Joys, the fourth child of Pastor and Mrs Oyedepo
wrote on her Facebook page;
Today while in Lagos, I saw a little boy hawking drinks:
carrying them on his head. The car in front of me wanted to buy some and the
little boy kept running to get to them. After they finally got the drinks, it
seemed they were trying to sort out payment. The little boy kept on running for
what seemed like forever, waiting for them to finish sorting it all out so he
could get paid. For a second, my heart broke. It breaks for children like
I may not have the details sorted out yet but as God
engraces me, I want to take every one child off the streets of Lagos and then
Nigeria. I want each child to have an equal chance at life. I want every one
child to feel so loved, they become the best of themselves possible. God help
me, every other one helper, and every one precious soul of a child. I don’t
know what you can do where you are but please do something. Anything. Just put
a smile on a child’s face today. We will get there. Nigeria will be greater.And
our children will LIVE, not merely exist. EACH ONE CHILD COUNTS.God help us.

So touching. Most of us feel this way all the time, and
that’s why I love calling the ones I can reach, my babies!

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