Should I Leave My 5 Months Old Husband For My Boss- Single Mom

I am a Lady in my early 30s who is a single mom but now
married to my fiance of 13 months. I got married about 5 months ago to a man
I thought was God fearing, loyal and had my interest at heart. The thought of
cheating on him has never crossed my mind, but I think he pushed me out.
Before our wedding my husband didn’t have much in his house
so I bought most of the fittings in the house. I also fixed the kitchen from
the money I made from the wedding. After all the refurbishing, I became penniless.

On this fateful day, I told my husband I needed to make
my hair, this was like a month after our wedding, he immediately snapped at me
and started saying all sorts of things. I was surprised because this man knew I
spent all I had on furnishing our home. I didn’t say anything to him.
After he left for work, I went to see a friend of mine who
works in a construction firm. I couldn’t tell her what happened I just told her
I needed a job and she said she will talk to her boss to see if there was any
vacancy. I was frequenting the company and one day the boss asked me why I was
always coming around the office and I told him I needed a job.
He gave me a job and the following week he wanted to start a
relationship with me but I disagreed. My husband continued his nonchalant
attitude towards me and sometimes does not leave money to cook for me and my 11-year
old daughter.  
My friend helped me explain the situation of things at home
to my new boss and he said he would give me a loan. Instead of the loan he gave
me N350,000 for free. Ever since then, he has never stopped showering me with
I cook for my husband from his money and he never deemed it
fit to ask me where I get the money to make assorted soup at home from. After three
weeks of working with him, he asked me to stop coming to work and placed me on
salary. My husband still didn’t ask me any question, he just kept enjoying the
money with me and my daughter.
Before you all start cussing me out yes I know my marriage
is not up to 6 months but I think marrying my husband was a big mistake.

My problem now is that my boss wants me to leave my husband
to be his second wife. In fact he has started scouting for a house for me. I am
not happy about the situation, but I think my husband is a gold digger who does
not care about what I do to make money and just wants to live off me. I am confused at the moment if I should leave my husband for him or stay back and endure his attitude of not caring for me. I am a single mother and would not mind being a second wife. Please help.

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