So Etcetera Thinks He Can Diss? Read What This Guy Has Got To Say


Lol, I wouldn’t have posted it, but I know some of you
think this way too.

I’d say ‘We all know Etcetera’ but that statement would be
totally wrong, for those of you who dont know who he is let me brief it up in a
simple short sentence. Etcetera is a has been. Me calling him a has been is
actually me praising him. A good example of a has been is Bigiano or Tony
Tetuila, they were once the bomb in their time and now they are no more, but
Etcetera on the other hand wasn’t all that popular, he just did a few abstract
tracks that only a few people stumbled upon and and like a fart he quickly
faded away. Then outa the blues he starts doing negative opinion pieces about
other SUCCESSFUL artistes, finding faults i their action and bashing them too.
He did one on 9ice saying he’s glad he lost the primaries,
he did one on Kate Henshaw and he’s done various crappy pieces Bashing
celebrities who are trying to make progress in their various lives. My sister
has this saying which goes ‘Remove the log in your own eyes before removing the
speck in someone else’s eye’. Etcetera is what we call a failure, his music is
a failure, his career is a failure, everything about him reeks of failure, even
his name sounds f***ed up ‘ETCETERA’?
Now i’ve seen some of his articles, didn’t bother reading
them though.. Just saw the headlines and moved on cuz i believe reading them
would make my IQ drop. But yesterday i saw one of his crappy pieces bashing
Wizkid and i got pissed off. Yes we all know wizkid does crappy songs and just
dances on the beats and chorus but WHO THE F*** is Etcetera to talk. Dear
Etcetera, Wizkid came into the game years after your failing ass did and he’s
more famous and successful than you and you have the audacity to insult the
young lad who’s actually doing something useful with his life. This is
downright sad and i am dissapointed in you and everything you stand for. I’m
not a Wizkid fan but who the hell are you to talk, your opinion doesn’t count.
Then again i wont blame him, i blame bloggers for
encouraging that piece of shit by always putting up his rants on their sites,
i’m guessing that’s what’s gingering that raggedy ass mother f***er. I’d lace
this article with a fleshload of research about Etcetera but i won’t waste my
time and internet mb on that irrelevant piece of shit, i’ve got better things
to do.
Again i say this, Etcetera Should STFU and Stop Criticising
Successful Artistes.
by Famakin Opeyemi

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