Will You Live In A House Built By Your Wife? Men Speak

Some of them believe we live in a society where women should
be seen and not heard. When the reporter threw the question at some they even
went ahead as rejecting it, saying they are the head of the home and it is
wrong for their wives to build a house before them. Some said if she builds it,
it must be in their name, while some totally said nothing on earth can ever
make them live in a house built by a woman. Hear them yourselves when you
continue after the cut.

Lasisi Bashiru: I can never do such a thing. As an African
and a Yoruba man, the culture stipulates that if a woman is richer than her
husband in terms of wealth, her wealth belongs to her husband. If my wife is
therefore richer than me, she should give me the money to build the house
myself on behalf of the family and it should be an internal arrangement that
outsiders must know about it.
Akinsowon Francis: Yes/No. I can live in the house built by
my wife if only I was pre-informed before she started the construction of the
house. I cannot, because ideally it is a man’s responsibility to build a house
for his wife and the children. Living in a house built by my wife then is like
shifting my social and biological roles as the head of the family to her.
Peter Amosun: I can live in a house built by my wife only if
she agrees I will still be the head, the controller, and the dictator of the
house. And more so if my dignity won’t be destroyed by telling people around
David Fakeye: I cannot accept to do that. My wife should
give me the money to build the house on behalf of the family than building the
house herself. Culturally, it is expected of a woman that is richer than her
husband to make her husband the controller of her money. Some women prefer
their husbands to have a two-bedroom flat before building theirs even if it is
a mansion.
Olusoji Kayode: The most important thing is love, if there
is true love between us; there is nothing my wife will do that I won’t be happy
about. There are times that God first bless the wife before the husband. If
there is unity, there is nothing bad in living in the house built by my wife. I
can only stay back if my wife is too proud and tells everybody around that she
built the house.
Gabriel Olasunkanmi Olaokun: I can’t live in a house built
by my wife because I won’t have a say in the house, she can do and undo at
anytime. Women naturally are full of ego.
Saheed Ahmed Olaide: It can never happen, I can only do that
when I am ready to die. If I should go to her house to celebrate with her and I
mistakenly sleep there, if I should wake up at midnight I must find my way to
my own house that night. May God never allow it to happen till the end of the
world! I am not saying my wife should not build her house, but I can never
sleep there.
Stanley Omeretin: It depends on my wife. It also depends on
her level of maturity, if she thinks she can be comfortable with it, I can live
with her. But if she is not, I don’t think I should live with her. If at first
she is comfortable with it and later she is no longer comfortable with it, I
will look for a way out by packing out and be comfortable with myself somewhere
else. I am the man and I have to always be.
Adeleke Adeyemi: I can live in a house built by my wife
inasmuch as I am the one who established a business for her. Both the house and
the woman belong to me.
Wasiu Rasaq: I pray against such a negative thing from
happening to me. Living in a house built by my wife is not a thing I pray for.
May it not happen to me because it is a curse.
Rauf Kamarudeen: Living in a house built by someone’s wife
is like sleeping on atan (dump site). I can’t because the insult will be too
much. She will be the controller of everything and she decides what should be
done in the house. You can’t accuse or warn her, she would tell you, if you are
not comfortable with it, to pack out.
Adigun Abiodun: I can’t because women’s behaviour when they
own something is different from their normal behaviour. They always feel they
are on top of the world. No matter who or how a woman is, the ego is always
there. If any misunderstanding should occur, the woman can send the man
Segun Abegunde: The only condition that can make me live in
the house built by my wife is if I knew from the onset that she was building
one, but if I didn’t know, I cannot.
Oluwasegun Osisanyan: My response is no because the Bible
says the husband is the head of the house. If I have to live in a house built
by her it means that she has been made the head, naturally, I am supposed to be
the head.
Ogasibe Adekunle: It is a bad thing and I can’t live there.
She will later use this to get at me at any given time even if she does not at
the start.

Segun Ajitoni: I would prefer to live in a house built by
pigs than to live in a house built by my wife. Living in a house built by my
wife makes her the head, the dictator and the controller of the house. No
matter how submissive she is, a day will come that she would show that she is
the owner of the house.

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