www.africanfamilynutrition.com Launches In Nigeria

Do you know that women’s health deserve special
consideration every time? www.africanfamilynutrition.com is your complete guide
on women’s health related topics. The website contains all the health and
nutrition information you may need, it covers a vast range of topics – from
reproductive health to mental health.
www.africanfamilynutrition.com talk about achieving and
maintaining general health by focusing on topics that are major health concerns
for women. The sections on heart health and bone health will give you an
insight on how to keep your heart and bones healthy. Most of your queries and
doubts on reproductive health and s*xual health including breast health get
answered here.

There are sections on women’s health that aim at helping you
decide to make healthier choices in your lifestyle which will give you more
opportunity to enjoy more aspects of your life for longer.
What are you still waiting for…just click on
www.africanfamilynutrition.com and find loads of information at your fingertips.
www.africanfamilynutrition.com is a one-stop nutrition
destination for all African families aimed at building capacity for food and
nutrition security.
www.africanfamilynutrition.com is a nutrition care guide
where Africans can access information on various aspects of family lifestyle
including nutrition, health, physical fitness and much more.
The website was created by FANUS wholly supported by
Horlicks, a nutritional brand from GSK Consumer Plc.
All information contained in the website has been validated
by an exclusive panel of medical experts and professionals in the industry
Just in case you don’t have access to the internet at any
point in time, simply give a missed call to +919555120000 and an operator will
automatically call you back immediately.

Visit www.africanfamilynutrition.com to find out more.

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