Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tuface Idibia & Mom’s Touching Tribute To Late Pa Idibia

Tuface Idibia who buried his dad in a very low key celebration yesterday in their home town has described his father as one of the most humble men to have graced the surface of earth. Tuface while speaking during the burial ceremony said;

“My father is the most humble and kindest I man have ever met. My dad was such a gentleman, it was unbelievable. I can go on about my dad and I will still not have enough to describe how peaceful he was. He fought till the end but God knows the best.

“To put things plain and simple, my father was a good man and my consolation is knowing that he is definitely in heaven where we hope to meet him one day. Mummy and all of us will miss you dearly”, he said amid sobs and tears.

Photos: Check Out Kel & Toke Makinwa’s No Make-Up FACES

You like? Btw, Toke is having a ball tonight. She's celebrating her 30th tonight and alot of people have been saying they can't wait to see what she will be wearing for her 30th. We really want to see too, lol. So do you like their makeup free faces?

Former Iguala Mayor & Wife Arrested For Massacre Of 43 Students Who Went Missing In September

Jose Luis Abarca, who was previously mayor of Iguala, and his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda have been arrested after suspecting they had a link in the massacre of 43 students who went missing in September, in Mexixo.

Attorney General Jesus Murillo, the legal practitioner handling the matter said yesterday that three detainees have revealed that they set fire to the group - some of whom were still alive - at a rubbish dump near Iguala in the state of Guerrero, close to where the students actually went missing.

It’s My Birthday Tomorrow, But I Won’t Be Turning 40…Joseph Benjamin Warns

Lmao.. bad people…. So Joseph Benjamin’s birthday is tomorrow and fans have started wishing him a happy birthday but mistook his new age to be 40! Though the actor hasn’t disclosed his new age, he quickly went online to correct the impression he will be turning 40 tomorrow. Hear him,
                                                            I no blame am,.. lol

Halima Abubakar Shoots Documentary On Bullying, Because She Was A victim

Actress Halima Abubakar has disclosed why she is shooting a documentary on bullying. According to her, she was bullied all through her educational life and it even got worse in her university days and had to start shooting a documentary on it which will serve as a campaign against it. Here’s what she told Tribune;

You have been working on this documentary on bullying. How is that like?

Yes, the documentary is one of my charity pieces for schools. When it eventually gets out, it will be for schools. Bullying is like the story of my life. I passed through that experience all through my educational life, even now. There was a time I did not write a particular exam because of a threat. They threatened to do things to me if I came for that exam (Statistics). So, I stayed back. I had to sit for that exam the following year.

Photos: How Female Bomber Concealed Explosive Device In Hijab To Kill 14 First Bank Customers

                  One of the victims of the bomb blast
A female suicide bomber yesterday morning, at about 10 am killed seven First bank customers and wounded ten while concealing an explosive in her hijab, at Azare in Bauchi State, Vanguard reports. But a Chief Medical director in the State has given the records to be 14 dead and 37 wounded.

The suicide bomber, it was learnt concealed the Improvised Explosive Device, IED, in her hijab and joined the bank customers on a queue to make withdrawals from one of the bank’s ATMs before the bomb exploded, killing 14 people and also leaving the bank premises shattered. Continue below to also see photos from the explosion. Viewers discretion is strictly advised please.

Nassarawa State Governor’s Most Senior Driver Assassinated

Abdullahi Mairuwa, the most senior driver with Nasarawa State Governor, Umaru Al-Makura who was also in charge of all drivers attached to the Government house has been murdered.

Mairuwa was murdered this morning around 8:30am at Obi-Keana Awe road while travelling to his home town, in Keana Local Government area of the state, in the presence of his wife.

The killers who accosted them told his wife not to panic because they were only after her husband before shooting him twice in the chest.

Why I Wear Same Shirt Everyday- Mark Zuckerberg

During a public question and answer segment at the Facebook headquarters few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder has revealed why he wears the same shirt every day. The tech guru who wears the same brand of shirt to work, adorns same to any function irrespective of how important the event might be.

"I really want to clear my life so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community. I'm in this really lucky position where I get to wake up every day and help serve more than 1bn people, and I feel like I'm not doing my job if I spend any of my energy on things that are silly or frivolous about my life, so that way I can dedicate all of my energy towards just building the best products and services,” he said.

Photo: You Won’t Believe What We Found At Basket Mouth’s Wife’ IG Page

                                                 Eyah I guess it’s her ‘wild’ side lol…

Photos: Woman Whom Police Husband Ran Over Her With A Vehicle Narrates Her Story

It is so sad that some women still prefer to live with an abusive man. When most of us read the story here on Tuesday, we said it was a mental case and her husband (the policeman) couldn't have ran over his wife with a vehicle, then rush home, stabbed their baby so bad his intestines gushed out.

A Punch reporter visited her at a traditional orthopaedic treatment centre in Mushin, where she is currently been treated and her words just comes out as ‘irritating’. This was not the first time he would be beating her, he has beaten her so much she has lost count. It was a norm, her family testified to it.To add insult upon injury, she is even the bread winner. That same bus that was used to run over her, had her largest share, the house they lived in, she solely paid for it.

Just like the unfortunate Miss Ahmed whom her 21-year old lover beat to death yesterday morning after her mother warned her severally to leave him, Dupe’s mom also claims she has warned her on several occasions but she wouldn't listen. Her story after the cut.

Celebrity Seeds: Can You Guess Who Their Dad Is?

                                                                     Look well

How I Lied To Women I Was Married For Years So They Can Stay Off Me- Yomi Fash-Lanso

Nollywood actor Yomi Fash-Lanso has confessed he wore a fake ring for years just to get scare women away from him. According to him, many women around him were ready for marriage and he wasn’t so he had to wear a fake wedding ring to get them off him.  He said even with the wedding ring on him, ladies still dates him when he approaches them after explaining to them his wife lives outside the country. It’s just sad how these actors paint women, lmao…shameful.. Yomi should have left that last line out of the interview smh… lol

You must have dated so many people before you got married?

When you talk about marriage, it is all about emotions. Because I knew I wasn’t ready for marriage, I went and bought a wedding band and started wearing it so that ladies would think I was married. I wore that band for many years. I would meet a girl and tell her I liked her and when she asked about my wife, I would tell her my wife was abroad. If she wouldn’t mind, we would date. If another girl saw us together, that one would be wondering if the girl was my wife. It made life easier for us. I wasn’t ready for marriage then. I knew marriage was a different thing and I didn’t want to make mistakes. I ran away from girls then because they were just too ready for marriage while I wasn’t. They would tell me their father was ready and that we should get married but I just didn’t want because I wanted to be the man, I wanted to be the head of the home.

Lies: How Well Do You Know Your Politicians? By Etcetera

‘Where is Ebelechukwu?’

‘Mummy I am here.’

‘Where have you been since morning ehn? And where are your sandals? Haven’t I warned you several times not to be walking about bare footed? Or you want to tell me you don’t have shoes again? Bring yourself here in front of me where I can see you properly. Ebelechukwu, I am going to ask you a question and I am going to ask you just once. If you know what is good for you, you better not tell me any of your usual lies. Are you listening to me Ebelechukwu?’ Continue below...

Friday, November 7, 2014

I Invest Heavily In Gold To Secure My Future- Wizkid

Wizkid while speaking to a Pm News reporter has explained how he is trying to secure his future. According to him, he invests in Gold and properties even though people think investing in Gold is vanity, it is a very good business he said.

Where are you investing all the millions you are making now?

I invest heavily in properties and jewellery. I spend more on gold. I have heard some people say they are vanities but I tell you, they are very good investments.

About being arrogant and acting like a terrible person, he said;

Well, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. And you should also check those who claim I am a terrible person. I am not and my people know that.  Whatever any one feels,  he should not blame me for it. Everyone cannot like you; same as everyone cannot hate you. I am just being me and also being a good person. Fame has not changed me; it only added some accessories to my collections. People say I am arrogant and it does not bother me because I still show my fans love and they do same in return.

Violent Thug Who Left Girlfriend With Horrific Facial Injuries After Biting Through Her Lip Jailed

A violent thug who left his girlfriend with horrific facial injuries when she ended their relationship was today jailed for eight years. Chantelle Ward was convinced her top lip had been taken off when Rhys Culley bit through it after he went to kiss her.

Culley, 23, was jealous and insecure about the pretty 18-year-old when he launched the prolonged assault as he was about to start working away.

Jurors saw disturbing images of teeth marks in Miss Ward's upper lip after the attack, during which he smeared her own blood around her face and forced his tongue in her mouth.

Culley who has been in a relationship with Miss Ward for more than two years, denied wounding with intent but was found guilty.

I Warned Her To Leave Him- Mother Whose Daughter Was Murdered By Lover This Morning Cries

A mother has been crying foul after her 25-year old daughter, pictured above, was beaten to death by her lover, a lotto agent who claims to be 21 early this morning.  Mrs Ahmed said her daughter had called her around 10pm last night informing her that her lover was beaten her, but didn't state the reason for his actions.

According to her mother, she rushed down to his house this morning only to be informed by neighbours that the police have arrested him and on getting to the police station, they told her he wa

Activists Wants Oyedepo Stopped From Opening Uk School For Linking Disobedience To Witchcraft

Human rights campaigners and the National Secular Society are urging the United Kingdom government to turn down a request by Bishop David Oyedepo’s church, Winners’ Chapel International, accused of linking poor discipline to witchcraft, to open an independent school in Kent.

According to the BBC, Winners’ Chapel International, which is currently under investigation by the Charity Commission, wants to open the school at its Dartford site.

“The church, whose leader Bishop David Oyedpo was filmed accusing a woman of being a witch, declined an interview,” reports BBC.

Palmchat Introduces Jaw Dropping Win A Car Promo For Users

Hopping from one bus to the other can be a really stressful business especially in a country like Nigeria. With people waiting on the queue for the next bus headed toward their direction, the chances of surviving the rush are really slim. Since everyone wants to get to work early and return back home early, they give no room to be outshined by the next individual, and so the struggle continues.

The story is however different for those who have the option of subscribing to the stress free life. They would rather they take a cab than have to stand in long queue all in a bid to “rush their way” into a bus. But then, this has its own disadvantage- The cost involved. Cab men make a fortune of “carless” individuals by charging as high as N3000 to N5000 per trip. Say one goes two trips per day, that’s a total of N6000 to N10, 000…Keeping up with this lifestyle would require that one budget between N250, 000 and N300, 000 per month for transportation alone. The question is, how sustainable is that?

Court Orders IG To Restore Tambuwal’s Security Details

A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has ordered the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Suleiman Abba to restore the security details of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, africanexaminer reports. 

This followed a suit filed by Tambuwal challenging the withdrawal of his security details among other infarctions against his office after decamping to APC from the ruling party. He also asked the court to stop PDP lawmakers from impeaching him.

Johannesburg To Be The Most Visited City In Africa For The 2nd Time While London Tops The List Globally

According to a publication by MasterCard, Johannesburg in South Africa will retain its title as Africa’s most visited city for the second time in a row according to study, while Cape Town will emerge second most visited city in Africa.

At least 4.1 million tourists visited Johannesburg last year while 4.3 million people are expected to have visited the city by December, 2014. Tourists spent about $3.06 billion last year, while about $3.2 billion will be recorded for this year’s visit.

Globally, London tops the list for the third time, followed by Bangkok, Paris, Singapore and Dubai,  the study says

Many Feared Dead In Lagos NNPC Pipeline Explosion

Many suspected pipeline vandals yesterday when fire gutted at a petroleum pipeline belonging to Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, at Ijedodo, Lagos.

According to sources, the vandals had besieged the place around 6pm and were said to be scooping petroleum product into jerry cans when an argument ensued between some of them and one of them ignited the fire that caused the massive explosion.

The incident was confirmed by the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, but they refused to disclose the number of casualties. 

Homos*xuals & Rapists To Get 14Years Jail Term In Kano

Kano State Governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has signed into law a bill prescribing a minimum of 14 years jail term for homos*xuals and rapists in the state reports

The new law entitled: “Kano State Penal Code Amendment Law” was signed by the governor at the 174th session of the Kano State Executive Council meeting, which took place at the Government House yesterday.

Photos: Meet Ibinabo Fiberesima’s Soon To Be Family

The AGN president will be getting married next month to her fiancé, Uche Egbuka whom she has known since they were in the university. Ibinabo and Uche went their separate ways, got married with kids and today they are back together and getting married next month. See more photos of Ibinabo, her fiancé and their children all after the cut.

New Music: Tomeyzil – Ezuzu

Cockcrow Entertainments Record's Artiste, Tomisin Samuel Onalaja popularly known as Tomeyzil, has dropped his debut single titled Ezuzu, which promises to blow your mind. Listen to the song below and see how to follow him on social media after the cut.

MerrybetPredict Week 22: N2,000,000 Jackpot To Be Won! Week 21 Winners Emerge

It gets more intense in the Merrybet Predict & Win as over 100 persons compete for the Jackpot each week. This week, the jackpot is N2,000,000 since no one got a second strike in week 21 and any of them could be a millionaire by this time next week.

For the Highest Point Category for week 21, we have two winners from Abuja. They won the 1st and 3rd place while the 2nd place winner is from Delta State. Below are the winners for the Highest Point category for week 21:

Photo: Cameroonian Artiste, Xcellente Slumps At Wazobia FM

A Nigerian based Cameroonian artiste, Xcellente has slumped at Wazobia Fm radio station while visiting them as they celebrate the 7th anniversary in a week-long celebration. The artiste who is known for his popular single- Ella slumped immediately after stepping out of the building and was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital by some staff of the radio station. Nobody knows what happened to him, but we are glad he is alive, a source said.

The Last Thing I Want To Make In Politics Is MONEY- Dayo Adeneye

Leading showbiz personality, Dayo Adeneye popularly known as D1 has said the last thing he wants to get in politics is money, but instead he is ready to make a CHANGE! D1 who has expressed his desire to represent Odogbolu Constituency at the Ogun State House of Assembly come 2015, says change is the only thing on his mind and he is prepared to see it happen.

“Anybody who knows me will testify that I made money when I was young. I was a millionaire in my 20s. I have built my houses. Kenny and I were among the first people in Nigeria to own Hummer Jeeps. We were also among the first to own the latest models of the Range Rover Sport Utility Vehicle. This is not about boasting; I have made my mark. I am not looking for money. Everybody knows my pedigree. I am a hardworking person and I have businesses in communication and hospitality. Continue below...

Again, Another DPO Arrested For Ra*e In Lagos

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a Divisional Police Officer, Mr. Oladipo Afolayan, for allegedly raping a woman in his office.

The development comes a few months after another Lagos DPO, Mr. Adekunle Awe, was arrested for allegedly raping a woman, Idowu Akinwunmi, in his office at the Onikan Police Division.

Punch Metro learnt that Afolayan, who is a Superintendent of Police, had only been recently posted to the Magodo Police Post when the incident allegedly occurred.

Why I Won’t Marry My Babymama Now- Terry G

                                                                     Terry G and Son
Terry G in a fresh interview with Vanguard has revealed why he won't be marrying the mother of his only child, despite living together as a couple. According to him, marriage is something no man should rush into, so he won’t rush out eventually. And as far as he is concerned, he is okay living with his babymama as live-in lovers. 

Why are you yet to get married to Mimi, the mother of your child?

She’s my fiancée; we are getting married one day but I don’t want everybody pushing us to settle down as if they own our lives. One thing many of them have not realised is that marriage is a decision we have to make once in life. I don’t want to make a decision now and change my mind later or else everybody looking up to me as a role-model will see me as an irresponsible guy. Besides, I don’t want to make a rash decision that I’d regret for the rest of my life. That is why I have been taking my time, putting things that make marriage worthwhile together and at the end, when that fruitfulness is everywhere we can live our lives together forever. I thank God I have a good and understanding partner and we are working together.

50- Year Old Man Kills Neighbour During A Fight Over Wife In Lagos

A 50-year-old man, Sunday Orochendo, has been arrested by the police in Lagos State for allegedly killing his neighbour, Rafel Ngbobile, 60, during a fight.

Vanguard gathered that the incident which occurred on Saturday, November 1, at their 30, Magbesa Street residence in Kirikiri Town, Lagos, started when the deceased had a quarrel with the suspect’s wife over a yet-to-be ascertained reason.

Sources disclosed that the wife of the suspect, who is currently on the run, had contacted her husband, who was not at home at the time of the quarrel, on phone and reported the matter to him.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jobless Man Arrested For Allegedly Stealing N300m (Pictured)

A jobless man has been arrested in Lagos for allegedly stealing the sum of $1,950,000 (about N300 million) meant for the payment for oil drilling services in N’Djamena, Chad Republic.
The man, Joshua Ekeocha, 31, pictured above was arrested by operatives of the Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos.

After his arrest and investigation, the police charged him before a Tinubu Magistrates’ Court on a three-count charge of conspiracy to commit felony, to wit, stealing.

The police prosecutor, Supol Chidi Okoye, told the court that Ekeocha and others still at large committed the offence on 22 and 27 May, 2014.

Basket Mouth: This Is Why You Shouldn’t Under Estimate A Hustling Man (Photos)

Lol, but seriously, ladies should start giving some struggling ‘broke’ guys a chance. Basket Mouth and wife are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary today and his wife has been posting pictures of them thanking God for how far they have come and how truly in love she is with him. Out of all the pictures she posted, the one above got us! She started with him with nothing and the picture actually attracted comments such as ‘Most gals will be looking for already made men una go old’.

Lesson learnt: today Basket Mouth is one of the richest comedians in Nigeria and his wife is enjoying the benefit of being patient. Here’s what she wrote when she posted the picture above.

‘’Kai dose days we used to put mattress on the floor in iponri estate...and it was still beautiful....Thank u so much Lord for bringing us dis far #TBT #myboyfriendwasuglydenshabutlovedidnotletmenotice #myboyforlife #mylove #myjoy #mylife #sogratefulLord #Happyanniversarymydarling@basketmouth

Continue below to see more beautiful pictures of them now.

What Is Wrong With This Photo?


Eva’s Album Drops In 2015, But Play Album Out This Month

Finally! The much awaited debut album by Nigeria's leading female Rapper Eva Alordiah now has a title and release date. The album, titled 1960, is set to drop on the 14th of January, 2015 but while her fans await the release of 1960, the female rapper dishes a self-titled extended play album to be released November 20th, 2014.

"I would love very much to have the fans enjoy 1960 right now if I could. January seems like such a long time to wait and so it is with pleasure that I share EVA, the EP for free. My little thank you for waiting," she said.

1960 features collaborations with Darey Art Alade, Femi Kuti, Yemi Alade, Olamide, Sarkodie and Sir Dauda. 

Reno Omokri Takes A Shot At Buhari, Saraki & Atiku For Rocking APC Sunglasses

Oh yeah? Lol...Who agrees with the Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on New Media

African Leaders Please Die In Your Countries

This has got to be the funniest headline I have read this week, but the truth is the appeal is NECESSARY…lol. So I found this piece on The Observer written by its editorial and cannot but help say they are on point and something needs to be done about our health sector NOW. So I join them in saying African leaders, please die in your countries.

Just a few days after Zambia celebrated her 50th independence anniversary last month, their president, Michael Sata, died in a London hospital, where he had been admitted with an unspecified illness.

A lot of attention has been paid to the man who has succeeded him, Guy Scott, a white man, because of his skin. Few people have noted the embarrassing irony of leaders of 'independent' African countries dying in the lands of former colonial masters, 50 years since independence. Continue...