BARBARIC! 31-Year Old Tanzanian Politician Beheaded For Allegedly Committing Adultery


What s*x will cause eh hmm. A renowned 31-year-old
politician Ricahrd Madirsha has been beheaded by a 5 man gang over claims that
he committed adultery. They chopped off some part of his body including his
genitals, hands and legs and thereafter cooked them outside of his home in the
southern Katavi regipon of Tanzania.

A local Police official, Dhahiri Kidavashari, who narrated
the incident to AFP on Sunday, January 25, 2015 said, “Five people stormed
Madirisha’s room wielding machetes, beheaded him, chopped off legs, hands and

“The assailants later cooked the chopped off body parts
outside the house.”

Meanwhile, Kidavashari disclosed that at least three men have
been arrested and detained by police in connection with the crime.

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