Early New Year Drama! Man Tweets About How He Was Sidelined From A London Trip


Oh dear who ever hurt Atom has
done far too baddd. So apparently they have been working with this set of
politicians and one of his colleagues have been in charge of ‘settling’ them with
cash and giving them ‘mouth-watering gifts’ so long as they keep dancing to the
politicians tunes. Now there’s a big card on the desk, they want to invite them
to London and Atom’s name was excluded and all hell was let loose this morning
on twitter, threatening he will open their ‘nyansh’, and yes that was the word
he used, lol. It’s just so dramatic. You need to start reading his tweets from
the last one upwards to understand why he is so bitter. Enjoy!

Update: Oh so what actually happened was that the drama was
based on one @Oddy4real on twitter and Mr Atom was just being sarcastic, it
wasn’t about him at all.  I found out
from other tweets. Sorry Mr Atom.  

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