Giveaway Winners

Our giveaway winners are Amaka Igwe, Galore, Wale Faleye, Oyekunle
Ogunrinde and Sugar Brownie.
We first disqualified Oyekunle, but he wouldn’t let us rest
calling it unfair and says he already has a plan for the money. But then Sugar
Brownie was also the first to get the correct answer on the ‘We Need To Pick
Our 4th Cash Lucky Winner Now’ post. So I don’t want Sugar Brownie to call us
out too, we need to stop the drama now so we can move on, lol. So I will just be responsible for Sugar Brownie. I will give her N10,000 extra, this won’t affect our 100k for the month, so we still have our
60k intact, despite having 5 winners now.

Please all the winners should send a mail to with their account
details so that someone can go and pay in the money for them today. Please don’t
also forget to come back here and say you got your money. Thank God we can
move on now, until Friday, its cheers from me to you. Work begins! 

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