I’m Not Sure If I Will Ever Re-Marry- Teddy Don Mommoh

Teddy Don Mommoh is still very hurt about his wife’s death
and only God can heal him. Teddy says he is still not sure if he will re-marry
in life because Kefee is still very much around him and lives in him. According to him, he still
feels her presence and it hurts so much to know she is no longer here. It just hurts, he says.
“I can’t say if I will remarry because right now, I am still
very much tied to Kefee; so I cannot speak on that now. I learnt from Kefee’s
death that whatever you want to do in life should be done quickly. It is just
one life and it is a short one. You do not own the next minute but this minute;
so do all you can while you still breathe. Kefee lives on in me and in

“I miss her so much, for example, waking up in the morning
for breakfast and finding that I am all alone. Before her death, there would be
a cup of juice waiting already. She was a wonderful cook and it was one of the
qualities I loved about her. Suddenly I am doing everything alone and it is a
sad feeling. I used to wake up with an angel by my side and that was very
memorable. She is not there again.

“She has always done something on her birthday and we need
to carry on with her legacy. Last year, we celebrated her birthday at an
orphanage in California because we were in America at that time. This year, we
are holding a memorial concert for her on her birthday because I am sure it is
what she would want,” he told Saturday Beats.

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