It’s Our Giveaway Friday…

And no I didn’t forget. A lot of people have been reminding
me in the comment section that Ladun today is our giveaway Friday, I know
right, some have even been sending mails, smh LL readers, smh (lol just
kidding).  A lot of people are so excited
about this, and I am so happy too. A reader even designed a banner for us the
next day we started (the one above). Ain’t you guys to cool, lol…
So today, there won’t be questions. It’s just going to be
based on luck. Since you all say you believe in luck. You can’t comment more
than 20times, your name must not appear more than 20times o, and we are only
having 2 winners today. Some people have won N40k out of the N100k, so we have
3 more Fridays to go, which means the remaining N60k will be divided into
three. So today N20k will be won by two people, and the rest shared next week Friday
and the upper one.
So since it’s not about questions and answers, LL fam you
have to work for it, lol. So no problem, the 400th comment and 500th
comment wins respectively.  Pls you can’t play in this if you won in the first giveaway. Goodluck

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