Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jonathan Visits Sanusi, Seeks Emir's Support

While in Kano State yesterday, for the continuation of his presidential campaign, President Goodluck Jonathan visited sacked CBN Governor, who is now the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, in his palace seeking his blessing in his re-election bid.

Jonathan congratulated Sanusi on his installation and condoled with him and the people of the emirate on Bayero’s demise. He told the monarch he was in his palace to formally introduce himself, Vice President Namadi Sambo and other PDP candidates in the election.

“I am here to seek your royal blessing and to reassure the people of Kano that the PDP is totally committed to developing the country,” the president said while addressing the monarch.  


  1. Indeed no condition is permanent

  2. The love I have for President @Jonathan is real

    Sure Man

    ",Heaven on earth!!!Wonders without end,that's my new realm"


  3. He is now begging for his support! People should not see any office as something to use and intimidate people. Power is transient.

    @iyke via Airtel SIM

  4. From Vanguard Newspaper 22nd January 2015
    Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State has expressed disgust over what he described as the level of threat some northerners were facing for not supporting the presidential ambition of the former Head of State, General Muhammadu. According to Lamido, any northerner who is not supporting Buhari was being threatened and seen as an infidel.
    Apart from northerners, Vanguard investigations also revealed that most residents, who wear caps depicting them as natives of some southern parts of the country were being molested by street urchins as “infidels.”
    Supporters of Buhari view those not supporting him as “infidels”, people don’t be deceived by the hype, OPEN YOUR EYES VERY WELL.

  5. Hmmm am sure thi is not true that jonathan seek sanusi support and i know sanusi we mock him when he went back,the stone the builder now becomes the chief coners stone.

  6. na wa o..c polictics...u sacked some1 and put him through a lot of trouble and u re now seeking his blessin..u think say he don forget

  7. na wa o..c polictics...u sacked some1 and put him through a lot of trouble and u re now seeking his blessin..u think say he don forget

  8. How can a pigeon win election in the city of the hawks? PDP will fail IJN.

  9. Wao, seriously? This is just like a dog going back to his vomit!!!! But does he think Sanusi will work for him??? Seems he has soon forgotten allthe humiliating he put him through!!!

  10. Wao, seriously? This is just like a dog going back to his vomit!!!! But does he think Sanusi will work for him??? Seems he has soon forgotten allthe humiliating he put him through!!!

  11. Jonathan is fool and a coward. M for going to meet Sanusi. Am sure he can't have any rubish vote from Jonathan . FUCK GEJ he is a pussy

  12. Ummm!! Politics sha no permanent friend and no permanent enemy. Only Fools can die for dis liars.@Ibadannimowa#

  13. GMB 2015.
    from fummy spicy.


  14. Tinubu wants to enslave the Lagosians again thru
    Ambode. Over N2 trillion has been embezzled in the
    past 8 yrs. Fashola collects excess crude money,
    Sure-P money, allocation and N30billion IGR all in
    a month, yet Lagos remains a ghetto, a whole
    lagos with the smallest land mass in Nigeria.
    Tinubu collects about N4 billion every month thru
    ABC- Alpha Beta Company. Who owns TVC and
    Radio Continental? Who owns Oriental Hotels?
    Who owns Hitech Const. Company? Who owns
    Nations Airline? 50% of land and estate along
    lekki-Ajah is owned by Tinubu directly or by proxy.
    APC in Lagos have mentally caged many youths,
    making them believe that GEJ/PDP is their
    problem. Ambode is a typical tout and alaye
    trained by Tinubu to continue hiding their loot in
    Lagos. That is why they deployed him from
    accountant general to governorship because he
    knows about all the looting in Lagos. Under
    Ambode, Lagos will be totally sold to Tinubu.
    Fashola was able to manage his way because he
    is a SAN, but did NOTHING in 2nd tenure. Once
    Ambode the boy boy Tinubu mount podium to
    campaign, the first thing they do is to start
    attacking GEJ/FG, making him look like enemy of
    Lagosians, cooking up propaganda, while Tinubu
    and APC are the real problems of the masses. The
    man Ambode is just empty. Only jumping up and
    down, shouting AMBOOOO! AMBOOOO! And the
    fellow touts will be responding DEEEEE! DEEEEE!
    and nothing more. They have already shared the
    APC tickets to their wives, Children and inlaws
    including Liar Muhammed from Kwara got a share.
    They want to further enslave the Lagosians by
    trying to foist an illiterate jihadist Buhari on highly
    sophisticated and educated Lagosians. What an
    insult! It must stop!!! Even Fashola has been
    politically emasculated. But does he have a
    choice? NOOOOOO! Alaye boy controlling a SAN.
    What is the political future of Fashola? Fashola
    said Jimi is too old. What a confused boy boy
    governor. While at the same time telling Lagosians
    to vote for 72 year old as president. Agbaje we
    know, GEJ we know. #Buharishowusyourcertificate
    .The APC advocated change reminds me of the
    Arab spring: the youths in Egypt rose against
    Muburak,wanted change and got the Muslim
    brotherhood,now soldiers are in charge; Libyans
    under Ghadaffi were living in peace and wanted
    change, today the desired change has turned out to
    be a mirage; Syrians wanted change and got ISIS.
    Will APC not take us back to the medieval times.
    Nigerians should be careful what they wish for. It's
    always desirable to wish for a change but not the
    type that will take us backwards. Already, there is
    change going on in Transformation Agenda of
    Goodluck. Change is part of transformation.
    Lagosians should bear in mind that it is not
    enough to vote for our Jimi Agbaje but other PDP
    candidates, house of assembly, Reps. and. Senate,
    so that Jimi's dream for Lagos and Lagosians will
    be actualised. Tinubu and co are cancer to Lagos
    and Lagosian.


    2. Anon20:16 if GEJ is not Lagos' enemy,why have they not fixed all the terrible federal roads in Lagos?

  15. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    Lmaooo... I dey very sure say sanusi dey boil with anger there.. Buhari for president abeg......

  16. Scannews
    Buhari Busted! WAEC/Cambridge Did not Offer
    Hausa as Subject in 1961
    The presidential candidate of the All Progressive
    Congress, (APC), who yesterday, had his statement
    of result released by his secondary school in
    Katsina has been busted by a new revelation. This
    revelation, which has come less than 24 hours
    later, shows the said result is fake. Amongst
    others is the damning revelation that Hausa was
    not offered as a subject in WASC until after 1974.
    Yoruba was the only Nigerian language that was
    offered as a course in 1961. Live News
    investigation obtained a document showing the
    curriculum of Nigerian secondary education as far
    back as 1842.
    This evidence shows that the released statement
    of result is fake and a bad forgery gone wrong.
    This is a whole new dimension to the BuhariGate
    certificate scandal. The APC have been projecting
    Buhari as a man of incorruptible character but the
    BuhariGate scandal has really cast a lot of mud in
    that campaign.
    Our investigation also revealed several
    inconsistencies in the released statement of result
    including, a controversial photograph, a wrong
    name, absense of the pricipal's name,
    inconsistencies in the graphic indicating an overlap
    from photocopy and many others
    We will be bringing you updates as the saga

  17. So he can ask for his blessing after sending him out of office*

  18. So he can ask for his blessing after sending him out of office for saying the truth.

  19. So after all the trouble u gave to the man, u expect him to support u? You got to be kidding me oga jona

  20. The beginning of the humbling of JONATHAN.

  21. What are politicians going to traditional rulers for,during election?These people dont vote in election.Plus,ladun,those 2 give away winnerz,spicebrox and ola are actually you.