Saturday, January 24, 2015

Man, 65, Arrested For Trying To Transfer Money From A Murdered Man’s Account

A look at 65-year-old Akpan Joseph , will never pass him for a fraudster, owing to his seemingly calm disposition. But he is currently cooling his heels at the dreaded Lagos State Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, in Ikeja.

Reason? He was reported to have gone to one of the Ilorin branches of a first generation bank,on January 7, 2015, posing as one of the account holders , who had come to transfer the sum of N1 million from his supposed account , into two separate accounts,

Meanwhile, the authentic account holder, a 35 year-old business man identified as Chinedu Mba, was murdered four months earlier by unknown gunmen in his apartment in Gindiri Jos, Plateau state.

Back in the banking hall in Ilorin, Joseph was asked to sit down while the transaction was being processed. Unknown to him, the cashier who apparently suspected something was amiss, had called in the police. Joseph was reportedly arrested and later transferred to the Lion building division in Lagos. Thereafter, he was transferred to the SARS.

On further checks, the late Chinedu Mba’s phone was also discovered from Joseph.

In this interview with Crime Guard, he claimed to have been hired by a man whose name he simply gave as Benson, to make the transaction, with a promise to be given N200,000 at the end. He further stated that the said Benson also handed the decease d’s sim card to him.

Hear the Akwa-ibom state born : “ A man called Benson , whom I met about ten years ago while I was a security man at Tin Island ports, took me to Ilorin for a business transaction.

He did not give me full details of the business transaction but he promised to give me 20% of the amount . The way he described the business made the transaction look so easy and without complications .

We travelled to Ilorin on January, 5, 2015 and lodged in Henry George hotel for two days.

Thereafter, Benson gave me a filled fund transfer form before we proceeded to Union bank where he asked me to submit the form, posing as the account holder. The filled form was an instruction to transfer N500,000 each into two separate GTB accounts with name Victoria Abikele.

But to my surprise, the cashier looked intently at me and back to the computer system before him. Before I knew it, I was arrested . And when I turned to look for Benson, he was no where to be found”

Journey to MTN to retrieve decease SIM card

It was after I was arrested that I got to know that the owner of the account was murdered. I am not the killer. I was in possession of the sim because Benson went to MTN office in Ilorin to retrieve the number of late Chinedu, while I waited for him in the car. On his arrival, he handed the phone to me.

I didn’t kill the late Chinedu. I didn’t even know that he was dead. Right now I feel very stupid for my action because I never thought I would get into this kind of trouble. I wish Benson would be arrested. He has answers to the questions at hand.

I strongly believe that an insider in the bank gave Benson the information that Chinedu was dead, that is why he had all the details about the deceased.

Ah! what will my family say? I told my wife in the village that I was going to Seme to buy second hand clothes. I didn’t tell her I was travelling to Illorin for a business transaction”, he said in an emotional laden tone.


  1. He's not getting off so fast. Sars guy dey craze n brutal.

  2. Chai what a pity, money is the root of all evil, can you imagine you did not even tell ur wife about it, I told my wife i was going 2 seme to get a second hand cloths, I call dis stupidity what a shame.

  3. What is this world turning into one day one story,glory be to God that he was arrested thats what i wanna hear u wan transfer money from a murdered man account and u done murdered ur self naa any body that money did not kill we live long life

  4. I don't know what to believe

  5. Let the police investigate well to know the truth .

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  6. As old as u are! Shame on u!

  7. d guyz an mumu, he didn't think dat how can some1 who is nt d owner of an account make transferz..some people are just stupid

  8. Hmmm, I feel sorry for him but then he got himself into this mess.

  9. I believe this Man...Think about it...If He is smart enough to "cook" up this story then He would never attempt a stupid move like this, @SLAMhitfacory