Photos How Touts, Miscreants Destroy People’s Properties During Political Rallies


Now this is not the first time I will receive such a mail,
so it’s not just about APC rallies alone, it happens during PDP rallies too,
even other parties that are not as popular as APC and PDP. According to a reader, his brother was so
unfortunate yesterday afternoon while driving through Teslim stadium surulere, during
the APC presidential rally at the stadium. The traffic was much and miscreants
took advantage of that and started robbing passengers in exotic cars.  They robbed hi m and his driver and almost
stabbed them in the process. Below is what he sent in. Btw, I didn’t use the
previous mails because they didn’t back them up with photos.
Hi Ladun,

My brother was coming back from Apapa around 1pm yesterday ,
as he was approaching stadium in surulere. There was serious traffic in fact
stand still, touts,miscreants used the opportunity to rob and vandalized
cars…Over 50exotic cars was robbed and they almost stabbed his driver. They
are about stab his driver because he didn’t hand over his phone on time and
they realized my brother was at the back, they broke the glass and he was
robbed too.
My heart bleed for this country if presidential campaign is turning
to suffering for masses in 2015.

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