Photos: Man Whose Wife Turned A Man Says It Has Made Their Marriage Stronger Than Ever

Most husbands would be shocked and lost for words if their
wife wanted to become a man. But for Graham Hopwood it came as no great surprise and
now he’s happy that at the age of 48 the love of his life finally has the body
she had always craved.
In the past year Catherine went under the knife to become a man
called Cathan. And although they no longer have s*x, the couple say their
12-year marriage is stronger than ever.
Graham, 68, from Bradford, says: “Inside Cathan is still the
same person I met and fell for. I always knew that Catherine wasn’t happy with her body so
when she opened up to me about wanting to be a man I wasn’t all that surprised.
I wanted to help her to be happier in herself. The only confusion we have these days is knowing what to call
him. I can’t say wife any more so I usually say partner.”
See a photo of them on their wedding day after the cut. Ki
wo ma tan ara won nibe…lol.

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