Sasha P’s First Designed Shoes Out! (LOOK)


Sasha’s first ever designed shoes are out and will soon land
the country. It’s her first set of shoes ever since she started her fashion
line. To pre-order for a pair click this link.

Care to know what Sasha said
about it? Continue below..

Good morning 😊.
The journey started with a dream, a thought that there had to be a way I can
design my own shoes since I like them so much! (Shoes) it’s nowhere near where
I am going but to actually see my friends order a pair just to help the dream
become a reality is both humbling and exciting. It took 8 months to get
approval into the program and this is hopefully the first of many. Don’t ever
forget that nothing is impossible , celebrate the little steps for a thousand
of them become great strides. Thank you to my loves who have pre ordered
already. YOU can still make this dreamer’s wish come true. Pre order a pair at …. Thank you in advance

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