Single Lady Wants Married Women To Know They Are Sometimes Not At Fault For Dating Their Husbands

Remember our last topic; What ReallyMakes Single Girls Date Married Men In Nigeria? Well here’s what a lady wants
legal wives to know.
I had a married man chase me for
3yrs, my boyfriend of 5yrs left me for no reason! None. Now I’m with the married
man. I feel bad but I won’t say I’m with him for money cos I got my own money and
loads. I come from a wealthy background but this man loves me and I have come
to love him. I cry Every time cus I know it’s bad.
I pray God forgives me daily and I
wish I could find my own man cos that’s my prayer not another woman’s. So
married women At times it’s not our fault. But I make sure my man takes care of
madam more than me. I insist and he does. God forgive us all. God forgive me.

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