This Love Story Is Complicated! Not Even The 32 Years Age Difference Could Separate Them

Lol.. white peeps though. This relationship is complicated,
but they claim it’s okay because it’s true love. Ebony, met
Peter when she was still dating the father of her two boys, John who happens to
be Peter’s wife’s son. Before they could say jack, Ebony and Peter started
sleeping together because they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. 
They separated for a while and Ebony went to jail, while Peter divorced his wife Judy in the process. Soon as she got out of jail, they headed to the registry and tied the knot. 
Peter’s ex-wife, Judy, the grandmother of Ebony’s two boys later got to know what they did, but finally forgave them and said they were meant to be together. Lol. Peter is 65 while Ebony is 33. Read their story after the cut.

It was lust at first sight when Ebony and Peter Florian
clapped eyes on each other – and not even the 32-year age gap could put out the
Ebony was 16 in 1997 when she met and instantly fancied the
man who is now her husband – but who was dating her boyfriend’s mum at the
She recalled: “He was bent over a car bonnet.
“He had these blue jeans on and I thought, ‘What a nice
bum!’ It didn’t matter that he was older . I just saw a man that I liked.”
Peter, now 65, was 48 at the time and admits he feared being
taken for a baby-snatcher.
He remembered: “I thought, ‘She’s only 16 but what a way
this girl has.’ I didn’t want to be seen as a child molester.
“But when I looked in her eyes… I had never had that feeling
before . Now I just love our life together.”
A big age difference is not the only ­unconventional aspect
of the couple’s relationship though – and their family lunches are a
­complicated business.
When Peter looks around the table, he sees Ebony, her two
­teenage sons and the boys’ grandmother Judy – who just happens to be his
former wife.
He was dating Judy when he met Ebony – and she was in a
relationship with Judy’s son John, the ­father of Ebony’s two boys Connor, 16,
and Dominic, 15.
That did not stop Peter and Ebony beginning an affair two years
later when she was 18 – and while they were both attached.
He had been confused about the age gap and battled his
“Everything went through my head,” he told the Sunday People
“What do I do? Every time I was close to her I felt younger
than I was. I had ­butterflies in my stomach.”
Meanwhile, Ebony had her two babies with John. But all the
time her thoughts were with Peter. She admitted: “I remember thinking, ‘I wish
I was with you.’”
Welder Peter, nicknamed Flit, had a second job delivering
­catalogues and Ebony would often ride with him.
One day as they drove together alone, he could not resist
putting his hand on her leg.
The pair had sex for the first time in a layby. Ebony said:
“I stayed with John but the whole time I had an affair with Flit, I always
wished he was coming home with me and was my ­husband. I was madly in love and
didn’t feel guilty. Flit was what I wanted but couldn’t have.
“Their relationship was on the rocks and not ­because of
anything that we were doing.”
In 2000 a suspicious Judy ­challenged Peter to marry her –
and he did.
He recalled: “She had an inkling something was going on. She
said she wanted to get married. I knew that if I stayed with Judy, I would be
close to Ebby. I don’t feel bad about that.”
But in fact the marriage drove Peter and Ebony apart – and
it was to be another 12 years ­before he finally married the woman he truly
Ebony said: “It broke my heart, him marrying her.
“But I didn’t express my ­feelings. If I had come forward
and told him, we could have been ­together. It was textbook bad communication.”
Peter agreed He said: “During the years we were apart I
thought about her all the time. I kept thinking about how much younger she was
and that I needed to let her live her life.
“I didn’t know she had the same feelings for me.”
Ebony split from John in 2004 and her life then spiralled
out of control. A bad relationship plus drinking ended in her being jailed for
two years and four months in 2010 for a stabbing .
Judy took custody of the two boys. Then while Ebony was in
prison, Judy and Peter split up and divorced. He was shocked by Ebony’s
conviction for GBH but visited her twice in jail and wrote regularly.
She said: “I wrote explaining that I wanted him to be my
husband and that I had loved him since I was 16. We built the relationship from
Ebony, then 31, was released from prison in June 2012 and
Peter was ­waiting at the gates to take her to a flat he had rented for them.
A month later the pair eloped to Gretna Green, with Peter’s
sister and her partner agreeing to be the witnesses to their marriage. Ebony
recalled: “It felt right. All the way there I was a bag of nerves knowing I was
finally going to marry the man I loved.

“I wore a lacy white dress and shawl. We kept it minimal as
I didn’t want a big fuss. It wasn’t about having loads of people there and
showing off. I cried the whole time, I was so happy.
“After the wedding we went to the Lake District and had a
quiet drink in a lovely pub.”
But by the time the newlyweds got home, Judy had discovered
what they had done. “It was all kicking off but we just ignored it,” Ebony
A month later, after the dust had settled, Judy called on
them and the two women sat down to talk things through.

Ebony said: “She said she was happy for us because we were
always meant to be together.

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