Upcoming Actresses Speak About Power Of Money In Relationships


Pascaline Alex is a fast rising
actress and Pascaline has said the power of money in a relationship cannot be
swept under the carpet. She simply told Vanguard a good heart and money turns
her on. Hear her,

Physically, nothing really turns
me on in a man but I think when I become a friend with a guy and he has a good
heart and he knows when I really need what I want like money; Money and a good
heart turn me on.
While Bose Oladimeji also made it
clear that poor men have no place in her heart. Continue below…
What kind of men would you date or
settle down with?
Wow, he must be cool, handsome,
lovely, God-fearing, humble, rich and romantic. Those are the qualities I look
out for in my man.
So you can’t marry a poor man?

Yes I can’t, truth is bitter; a
man must be hardworking. If you are not hardworking, how are we going to give
our children quality education? Providing for their needs? So my desired man
must have something lucrative doing because I cannot be idle myself. I don’t
believe in being a full time housewife. We must work together and achieve our
collective goals. Poor men have no place in my heart.

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