Friday, January 23, 2015

We Can Help Improve Your Child Academically! Our Testimony

We will share the story of one of our students. Emmanuella, her teacher greets her with "hi five" and a visible friendship exists between her and her teacher. She jumps at her teacher, plays with her teacher and always free to tell her teacher what she feels at any time, she even points it out when she feels she needs a break or when reluctant to learn. Her recent result, 97.3%, her mother's reaction was filled with excitement, her secret "the teacher student relationship".

In improving your child/ward the relationship between the teacher and student is key and can't be over looked. At Smart Learning our teachers have been trained and mandated to build strong unbreakable relationships with students, to deliver parent expected results, motivate students, help them to become outstanding among their colleagues and deliver all round moral ethics. Please read more on how to improve your child/ward.


Change agents are passionate and driven about their vision. They make the tough decisions keeping what's best for the students in focus. A teacher must act as an agent of change to the students, motivate and encourage them and draft out a strategy to ensure a process of change occurs in the student. At Smart Learning a chain of progress is observed by the presiding teacher and an account of the change programme is been monitored and discussed with the lead teacher and also shared with the parents/clients.


We review our student's Mission Statement. The vision should describe why it is important to achieve your mission statement while looking to the future. It should portray what will be achieved if the student is successful in achieving its goals. Both the teacher and student would be invested in the vision with a total buy-in from the parents . The both parties keep their eyes on the prize and never veer from the vision.

At Smart Learning we engage in proper off school learning which ensures that your kids learn at a place of convenience prescribed by parents. One on one teaching gives the best solution to academic problems most kids are suffering from. Attention, relationship, confidence, expression without fears of class mates mocking and lots more are benefits of this procedure of learning. All our clients have a testimony of improvement and even the students with poor results have benefitted from this scheme.

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  1. I dont believe that education leads someone to be successful in life.Is it education that took buhari and his brothers in the north to that high level?No.

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