Cynthia Morgan Speaks About Doing Drugs & Hype On First Lady Title


First, Cynthia Morgan does not believe anyone should be called a First Lady of a music label. She believes if you are truly the first
your music should speak for you and not the hype. She also spoke of her
energetic nature on stage which a lot of people have accused her off, saying
she is only energetic because she takes drugs before mounting a stage to perform.
Cynthia has addressed the two issues and here’s what she told Encomium;

I just feel you don’t have to flaunt it. If you have it,
chill, let people do the talking for you. If you are really a first lady, let
your works speak for you. I don’t believe so much in the first lady hype.
About doing drugs;
No way. I get high on my songs and that’s the only thing
that keeps me going. I do not need to take anything to be energetic on stage.
I’m an artiste, so whatever I put into my work when I’m recording I put even
more when I’m on stage so there is no drug involved. I’m naturally an energetic

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