Hajia Titi Abiola Speaks On Late Adunni Bankole, MKO


Humble Hajia Titi Abiola who is one of the wives of Late MKO
Abiola was accosted at the Christian Wake keeping of Late Adunni Bankole by City
People and she spoke about how she and the late socialite were close friends
and how she met her husband, Late Chief Abiola Moshood. Hear her;

The late Adunni Bakonle was my cousin. Aside from the fact
that we were both married to Egba high chiefs, I remember I didn’t know her in
Lagos but we became close after I got married to my husband, MKO and I had to
come to Lagos to join him. They were staying at Oregun while our house was at
Abiola crescent, Toyin Street, in Ikeja. She accosted me and told me about the
blood that is between us. Continue below…
I even used to drop all my kids at her place and she was
also a regular face at our house. My kids spend weekends with her too. Even
when she was in England, she always calls the kids to say she was around. We
have a closely knitted family, she said.
When asked why she is down to earth despite being a wife to
late MKO, she said, Abiola is a very good name that I am happy to bear, but
shouldn’t where it like a placard.  Abiola made his name while I also have to make
my name. Is it because I am married to him that I have to look down on people?
She queried amidst smile.
On how she met her husband she said;
Well permit me to say that I didn’t meet MKO. I grew up
knowing him. He was always coming to our house. He was my father’s cousin as I am
from the popular Biobaku family of Abeokuta. He used to come around each time,
and that was how we met. I was a teenager, so it was not a case of me running
into him.
Speaking on what attracted MKO to her, she said;

She revealed that MKO was a very kind hearted man. He was a
very passionate person, loving and caring. It took me a few months to say I do.
I miss everything about him. I used to call him Eto Daddy, which is somebody
who likes arranging things. He made me realise that I didn’t need to ask before
he gives. Up till today, I don’t even know how to ask. He was so generous, that
I didn’t even have to ask him, before he did anything to me.

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