”It Looks Like A P*nis”: Railway Station’s New Erection Causes A Stir Among Passengers

LOL. A railway’s new erection in New Zealand has caused a stir
among passengers with so many of them arguing that it looks more like a p*nis
than a cloud it was meant to portray. The newly commissioned £97,000 sculpture is supposed to be a
cloud but looks totally different from one, a commuter Phil Wellman said,
describing the art piece as a c*ck with balls.
“Oh my God, it’s a c*ck and balls,” he told the
New Zealand Herald.
A lot of passengers say they have been embarrassed by the sculpture,
but the creator says he’s even more embarrassed they see the art piece like
that, lol. See another photo after the cut. Btw, the art piece is called
‘Transit Cloud’. 

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