My Father-In-Law Has Turned Our House Into A Motel- Lady Writes In

I have been married for less than a year now to my Hubby, but
my problem with him is that he keeps SECRETS a lot. We courted for 2years
before we got married and I remember vividly that before we got married i was
clamouring on us getting an apartment since the house he lives in is a 3 bedroom
flat with almost nothing inside, except for a 14inch television and a chair set.
I felt the house was too big for us and since hubby is not earning much, I felt
the best was to get a smaller apartment. When I told hubby,  he said no problem and few weeks to the
wedding we would move to a smaller apartment.

 Few weeks to the
D-day, this man didn’t say anything, so I decided to remind him. Exactly one
week to the wedding he said he has something to tell me, I asked him to go
ahead, Ladun what i heard almost tore my heart apart, my husband said the house
belongs to his father, and he didn’t want to tell me because he felt i was one
of the Lagos so called girls, blah blah blah. I almost fainted, he said his
father put him in charge of the house and he has been the landlord for 7 years
now. I was shocked because the pretence was way too much. I really felt bad and
after some days i decided to leave the matter and prepare for my wedding.
 Fast forward, after
our wedding we moved into the house and everything went normal. After a week or
two, I noticed that among the three rooms, there is a door that is always
locked, when i asked my husband he said his dad locked it and he doesn’t know
why.  Shortly after that, his father
started coming to the house often. My husband even collected my house key to
give to his father because he usually comes back from work earlier than me.
On this fateful day,  I decided I will stay at home to know what my
father in law was always coming to do behind our back. I have always noticed
that, once he comes in, my pot of soup was always touched, and one time like
that I couldn’t find one of my favourite slippers but I still didn’t suspect
So I pretended I was sick and took permission off work.
Hubby left, and around noon while i was patiently lying in the room, i heard
someone opened the door. I noticed that he has a company, they were both
talking and giggling, after a while i didn’t hear any sound again, that was
when i realized that he went into the room that was locked. After about 20mins
I started hearing loud voice, sexual screams, so i tip toed  out of my room, went to the front of his room
and peeped, lo and behold what i saw almost gave me an attack, my father-in-law
was busying banging this woman sweating and both screaming like porn stars. I
ran back into my room and locked my door, after the fun the woman went into my
kitchen and made rice for both of them to eat. I wanted to come out and challenged
them, but something told me to tell my aunty first, so I texted her and she
said I should pretend I was not at home, since they didn’t know I was in doors.
When my husband came back from work i told him all that
happened he sounded uninterested and asked me if it was a big deal, another
bomb shell, he said he knew along and he decided not to tell me about it wasn’t
my business. Did i also add that my things have been missing, apart from the
part that the meat in my soup always go missing, my foodstuff were not left
 Now I have told hubby
i can’t cope with such. I want my own home where my things will be safe, because
i don’t understand why my father-in-law should have a key to my own apartment,
and worst is that this man brings all sort of women to the house. I don’t know
how my mother-in-law will feel if she ever finds out, she might think i am his
accomplice or I introduce the women to him for me to have allowed that in our

I am very confused, as 
my husband doesn’t want to leave the house. I  don’t know if i am over-reacting and it’s not
a big deal like my husband says, because from the look of things, my husband does
not want to leave the house. Should i turn a blind eye to my father-in-law?
Should i report the situation to his wife? or should i keep insisting to my
hubby that we move out of the house, even though I know he is not ready for
that. Ladun please post this, I am just living like a total stranger in that

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