Photo: Lesbian Couple Undergo S3x Change To Turn Into Gay Men, Then Marry

The end of the world looks nearer than expected as a couple who
met as women five years ago and have been practising lesbianism are set to
marry as gay men, once they finish undergoing their present s3x change surgery.
They both agreed to this because they believe they were born the wrong gender.
The couple, previously known as Abbie and Kate got engaged
last year, after dating for four years and have now changed their names to
Finlay Games and Drew Bushnell. They plan to have a spiritual wedding in
Glasgow in two years time, when Finlay’s last gender reassignment operation
would have been completed and she would also be out of school that year.
Hear what Finlay, a 41-year old Psychology student and the
man in the relationship explains how she proposed to her partner; “I proposed
to Drew at Kelvingrove Park. I had this idea of using love locks, which are
engraved padlocks, as an engagement idea. We both love the outdoors so it was
perfect. We can’t wait to get married but won’t have our wedding until 2017
because that’s when I’ll have graduated and we’ll both be our true selves by

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