Reader’s Mail: A Mother Of Two Needs Your Advice

Another reader’s mail for you guys. But I guess she should know the right answer for this. 
Dear Ladun,
I am one of your blog’s ardent readers and I really have
never thought of sending you a mail but have always read stories on your blog
and readers mail of several other blog readers.
However, I am in a tight situation and after viewing the
comments of some individuals concerning your last reader’s mail, I have decided
to also seek advice from fellow readers. I am going to be honest and sincere.

I work for a security outfit. I have had two kids in the
past from a former relationship that has gone sour as a result of excessive
drinking and drug abuse by my divorced husband.
My superior in the office introduced me to one of his
friends who is also a father of a kid from a divorced relationship. His friend
is down to earth and after courting for 3 years, he has made a marriage
proposal to me.
I am afraid of marrying him as he’s just not a heavy drinker
but a chain smoker in the house. He has never shown any level of violence
towards me but he doesn’t know that I have aborted three of his pregnancies
since we met.
He has repeatedly told me that he’s ready to marry me
legally and if I insist do a traditional marriage. The man in the picture is a
successful accountant and a through bred professional. He consults for a lot of
organisations including the security firm I work for.
Dear readers, should I marry him as I am wary of the
inevitable that thwarted by initial marriage is steering me in the face.

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