Should I Stay With A Divorced Father Of 3, My Helper, Or Go With My Single Guy- Single Mom Wants To Know

Hi Ladun, nice job you are doing there. I am an ardent
reader of your blog, therefore i would like to go anonymous on this.  I will try my best to make it brief and kindly
post it as i am in a confused state.
I am a single mom to the most adorable girl in the world. My
little princess is 5yrs old while i will be clocking 34yrs in August. I am in a
relationship with a guy who is also a single father to 3 adorable kids. We have
a thing for each other and what we share is something that friends around me
envy, but there is a ‘BUT’. The but is his baby mama’s constant brouhaha. Since
she knew of his current relationship, she has been a pain in the ass. My man called
her and  told her to move on, since two
of them are now separated and have stopped talking to each other before she now
surfaced when I got into his life, but she has refused.

After a while i found out from a friend of mine who is a
colleague to my friend, that she is now in a relationship, and that was when i started
enjoying my relationship.
Four months ago i went to a seminar and after the workshop,
a dark skinned guy walked up to me for a chat. We chatted for a while, he asked
for my contact which I gave out, since I noticed I was his point of attraction
and not even the seminar all through the programme.
To cut the long story short, we met twice and a relationship
kicked off. It’s been four months with this single guy and he is already
talking marriage, as a matter of fact he already introduced me as his fiancée
to his friends and colleagues.
This is where I am confused. The single father of three is
also ready for marriage. He is super rich and spoils me silly. The other guy
does not have a child, he is super caring and averagely broke, though he shares
the little he has with me.
I enjoy my relationship with both of them but i have to get
married to one, as I cannot afford to let these opportunities go after the
father of my child messed up 5yrs ago. I have asked myself the question of whom
I want to settle down with, but it has been difficult answering the question. I
love both of them, but my mother thinks the single man is the best. I also
think so too.  My major concern now is
that my daughter is already used to playing with my boyfriend’s children. They
spend the weekend together. He came yesterday to pick her up for the weekend
because I will be busy today attending a wedding. This man has spent a lot for
me and my mother and we really don’t know how to break the news to him. He
plans to change my daughter’s school to that of his children, so they can be
closer to each other.

Fellow LL readers please your opinion is highly needed on
this since i consider you all as my second family. If I agree to marry the
single man, how will I tell my helper I can’t marry him.

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