Why I Chose To Start A Record Label- Laide Bakare

New mom, Laide Bakare who has become a mom for the 3rd
time visited hiptv studio recently where she hinted that she attended New York
film academy while away in the States. Laide also used the opportunity to talk
about how the academy made her love music, something she was never interested
in. Hear her;

“It’s an inspiration from New York film academy. When I was
studying film making, I got to appreciate and understand music more than ever. Because
I have been in the industry for so long and it has been movies all the way, am
not a music person but right there at the New York movie academy I got to study
a whole lot about music and I tend to appreciate music. Looking back here in
Nigeria, there are a lot of young talent who are willing to showcase what they
have and they don’t really have platform for it because most record labels are
like cabals it’s difficult to break in so am gonna take up the challenge and
establish a record label for upcoming talents and sell them to the whole

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