Why You Can’t Rely On Your Child’s School Report Card


One cool evening, my phone rang, good evening, welcome to
Smart Learning, what can we do for you sir, Client: well i have a child in JSS3
and i want your services for him…… SL: we will come around to hold a test
for him. Test Day – Can i please see his result, more of blues, few reds……
SL: this result is average, we need to write a test now. SL: read the
multiplication tables. Student: gambling on table 4, 4×4=8….. SL: please
solve this addition, subtraction and division. Student: fails woefully. SL: sir
how did your son get promoted to JSS3, his school must be joking…. mother
rushes out of the room… Mother: i personally asked the school not to promote
him but the school insisted. SL: we need to start teaching him from the scratch
(primary school) Mother: that’s what i want…….

It has become a normal practice in our numerous schools
today to see the results of our children in blues designed with A alphabets or
excellence. Before you jump up in a boast to your colleagues about your child’s
result ask yourself this simple question , can my child/ward defend this
result. Have you noticed that most of our kids in kindergarten comes home with
results designed with A ……… Do you think they can all get A?
To be fair to our schools, not all of them dash out free
marks to make up for bad results, few schools still have the ability to stay
off such habits. Most schools try to protect their own interest ahead of your
child’s interest. The schools have come to conclusion that if students fail
then parents will most likely change schools thereby leaving a financial
shortage for the school and it could even involve labeling of the school as
Most parents can recall that in those days schools send
letters of advice to withdraw to parents when their kids fail to catch up, that
advice looks old fashioned now, most of our schools today hide the facts away
from parents for selfish interests.
What most of our parents need to do is to conduct random
general tests for our children, this will help to discover the level of
performance of our kids. Using an external body like ours who will not defend
the school result will help in discovering the relationship between the
performance of your child and his/her school result.
Have you wondered why examination malpractices have become
the order of the day? Sir/Ma it all starts from here, inflated results which
in-turn supports a shaking foundation and ends up in relying on expos for
external exams in future.
Test the educational abilities of your kids today using our
experts. At Smart Learning we have the right standard testing tools to help
grade your child/ward. Please feel free to use our services today.

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