Yomi Fash- Lanso Sings Praises Of Wife Again

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fash-Lanso today sang the praises of
his wife again. Accoridng to him, his wife is his pillar and he blesses the day
he met her. Here’s what he told icampus magazine somewhere in Ikeja on Tuesday;
Nothing much! She’s just a simple person. She is very
simple. She is God-sent. It is very rare for a man to find a woman that is very
understanding, determined and shares your vision, then you survive and grow
together. So that’s the kind of woman God has blessed me with. Tell me why I
won’t marry that kind of person? She’s not materialistic at all. Of course
she’s pretty and God-fearing. If you have that kind of a woman as a wife, you
don’t know what you have as a man. So I thank God for my life.
He also went on and said they have been married since 2004,
about 11 years now and he has not seen any other woman’s panties. Hehehe Nice
one Yomi, Abi as he seen your pant? If he has please let us know.

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