Incredible! This Boy Robbed & Raped His 52-Year Old Neighbour

A first look at Abdulateef (surname withheld) would give the
impression of a young innocent boy who would not hurt a fly. Ordinarily, the
fragile-looking 16-year-old SSS1 student looked odd to be a suspect undergoing
interrogation at the anti-robbery section of the Department of Criminal
Investigation, Ogun State Police Command. But the allegations against him are
so weighty.
Crime Reports gathered that Abdulateef was arrested on
January 18, 2015 at Lambe area of Ajuwon, Ogun State after he allegedly entered
the residence of a 52-year-old neighbour in the dead of the night, dispossessed
her of the sum of N16,500 and went ahead to rape her, not minding the age
difference between them.

The neighbour (names withheld), whose husband  works as a civil servant in a South West
state, was said to be sleeping in her room when Abdulateef entered her
residence at about 1.40a.m.  The suspect
met the woman spread on her bed, naked. Holding a rod that he had as a weapon,
he was reported to have tapped the elderly woman awake, demanding for valuables.
The invader was said to have sent shivers down the spine of
the woman by telling her that other gang members were outside, and it would be
in her own interest if she cooperated, or she would be dealt with. The woman
quickly handed over the N16,500 she had with her and prayed inwardly that the
boy would leave her alone.
But she was shocked when the intruder commanded that she lay
on her bed and spread her legs for him, as he wanted to have a good time with
her. Conscious of the threat of other members laying siege, the elderly woman
quickly complied and the boy had his way.
After satisfying himself, the boy went out, happy with a
mission accomplished and the fact that his elderly neighbour did not see his
face. But unknown to him, the woman recognized him as his neighbour’s teenage
son, though it was dark.
At day break, she put a call through to her husband to
inform him of her experience. The husband was reported to have travelled down
to his community and went to Ajuwon police station to report a case of robbery
and rape. When interrogated, the teenager confessed his deeds and was promptly
transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation, Eleweran, Abeokuta,
for further interrogation.
Speaking with Crime Reports, Abdulateef blamed ‘evil spirit’
for his crime. In his explanation, he said: “I am in SSS 1 at a high school in
Ogun State. I live at Lambe area, Ajuwon with my parents. I am the first born
and I have three younger ones. On January 18, 2015, at about 1a.m., I went to
my neighbour’s house to rob and rape. I never knew she recognised me. I have
never carried out robbery before that day. I don’t know made me do it but I
believe I was propelled by an evil spirit.”
When asked how he gained entry into the victim’s house,
Asamu narrated his escapade thus: “I entered through the main door which was
usually not locked. The residence was uncompleted. I met the woman sleeping.
She was naked as she slept and the sight aroused me. I woke her up and asked
her to bring all the money she had. I was holding a rod and I told her that my
other gang members were outside, threatening her to cooperate or she would be
dealt with.
“She handed over N16,500 to me, after which I ordered to lie
on the bed. I climbed her and had sex with her. After about five minutes, I
stood up and left for my house”.
The suspect said he started having sexual intercourse in
2014 with a girl who was his age and lived in the neighbourhood. But he said
the girl’s family had moved out of the community.
Speaking on the events that followed his action, the
teenager said “on the third day, the woman’s husband called me and warned me
not to pass through his compound again as he wanted to sprinkle charms around
his compound. I later saw policemen who were brought to arrest me.
“I confessed to my parents. I used N5,000 to buy a phone but
it was not good so I returned it. I used the remaining to eat and entertain
The story was confirmed by the Police Public Relations
Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who said that the suspect would be charged to court
when judicial workers resume from their strike action.

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