5 Years After The World Still Misses You- DAGRIN


Yeah I know I didn’t talk about his anniversary on Wednesday, because it didn’t really get to me. Got to work this morning and started playing
his tribute video (the one above was on replay, say 10 times with tears) the
one below (after the cut) was on replay say 4 times with smiles… Sad that he is
really gone. Anyway this is just my own way of paying respect to a legend. Continue…
And oh he died on April, 2010 and September 18th,
2010 I wrote this tribute for him on my blog. Cant remember what happened that
morning, but I wrote this for him;
”It hurts me dat
u are gone forever. I knw dis is out rightly wrong, but I just cant help it wit
d way I feel right now. I regret no’t meeting you up at GRA dat day, if only I
knew i wouldn’t see u again shey I wld have made it. The nxt thing I heard was
ur accident, I was gonna come on Wednesday, but Tunde told me it was bad u
cldnt speak. I said ok, the next day den. Then they called me and said, we shld
all go as a group on Saturday, I agreed, but u left us on Thursday. That nite I
cldn’t sleep at home, it was like ur spirit was in d house, I cired, I cldnt
help myself, cldnt ask God why. Sheyman did a tribute song for u, and I asked
myself y u let dat happen, y did u allow naija stars sing 4u, whn u ought 2b
alive and rule d game. Yea, its sad, I dnt sing. But at ur tribute a lot of ur
colleagues were  there, they 4got abt u
so soon, they were afta women, asking ladies out. I looked at them and felt
sorry 4them, bcus it cld hav been anyone. If only u knew who ur true friends
were, but now u see all of us, you knw the people that truly love u. Dnt knw y
I tend to miss u now dat I know I cant see u. I knw u dnt knw u mean dis much
2me,but u do. U loved and appreciated me, whnever I called, u get excited and
shout DUNNI. Now, hav got my fone wit me wit ur 2numbers, deleting them. Wot a
life.  And dat car? Shit! I remember u
sayin so dearly dat u were gonna make it, and jst one maxima and a new apartment,
death came calling.  RIP, RIP….. still
crying……but i will be fine..”
And sadly, the only time I visited his family house to see
his mum after his death was with music act Zee World, and sadly, Zee World too
his gone. He is the guy that died few months ago here.  

                                                           Late Zee World

Sometimes I just miss the streets. Sometimes I just wish we
all can be together again, especially now that there is so much money in the entertainment
industry, so at least we can spend it and not the N200 rice we buy and we all
share in the studio without us being filled up….
My blog won’t let me be on the streets again, but sincerely I
miss that life, wanna be out on the streets with the ones that are still
alive.. you wont understand that life except you have lived it… Nothing like
the streets…
RIP Dagrin, RIP Zee World.

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