Guess Who Is Now Doing Odd Jobs In London?

He had a hit single about 6
years ago, and he was all over town. In just 6 months he bought 3 cars
(Tokunbos) and became arrogant to his friends. He felt he was on top of the world
and cared less about others. All of a sudden, the song began to fade off, and
he tried all his best to get another hit, but got none. He even released an
album but nothing worked. Na so bobo quickly dust him pali (International
passport) wey still get valid UK visa and off he went. Though his visa has
expired, he has been running helter-skelter in London doing odd jobs, especially
at night. Wanna know him? His real name starts from B, and the name of the
popular song that took Nigeria by storm then as to do with a man and a woman
coming together to do something. If you still don’t know him, then don’t worry
you don’t need to lol.

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