How Jonathan, Governors Destroyed PDP- Fadahunsi

A retired Assistant
Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service,
Chief Francis Fadahunsi,
who was the candidate of PDP in the Osun-East Senatorial District election, but
lost to Senator Omoworare has explained to Vanguard in an interview how
President Jonathan and Governors who longed for power rather than building the
party grounded it. It’s not a long read. Enjoy his views…
What do you think is responsible for the dismal performance of the PDP
in the just concluded general elections?
To the best of my knowledge
as an insider, I believe leadership struggle and internal crisis were the major
causes of the defeat of PDP in the 2015 general elections.
Some of our leaders were not
committed to the cause of the party and its development. Struggle for power and
resources were the major concern of the leaders within the party, also, our
leaders indulged in self aggrandizements at the expense of the interest of the
There was also lack of
commitment to the cause of the party and its development and attempts by the
PDP governors to impose their successors at the detriment of other candidates
also seriously affected the party. Again at a point, President Goodluck
Jonathan saw himself as the president of Ijaws rather than that of Nigeria. 

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Position for his kinsmen
He cornered all available
positions for his kinsmen. During the administration of former President
Olusegun Obasanjo and Musa Yar’Adua, positions were spread across the country,
but in Jonathan’s era, all were meant for his kinsmen. He was told about the
lopsidedness, but believed he could manage it, but see where he has landed the
What is the next thing now?
I will continue to play
politics and remain in PDP. I think there are two parties in Nigeria, PDP and
APC, so if somebody says there is no room in his party, I think the best option
is for me to stay in my party and contribute my own to repair it. After all,
their party was once dilapidated, they stayed there, repaired it and they won.
It is just a matter of time.
Some have argued that those defecting to APC may spoil it. Do you
There are many rooms in APC.
The owner of the house said there is no room in the house for people and you
are rushing there. Look at those people who had gone there for a long time,
where are they today? Look at the likes of Peter Babalola and Olagunsoye
Oyinlola among others who decamped, where are they now? Perhaps with the help
of Obasanjo, they may get something substantial.
You have to stay and nurture
your own party. It doesn’t take time. So, some of us will stay here.
Do you foresee another
political party emerging from the ruminant of PDP?
You will agree with me that
half of those in the APC are PDP defectors. It is not easy to repair a house;
it is either you demolish the whole house and build a new one or you repair
what you have. I am very sure that all those people that ran away will come back.
But do you foresee any bright future for Nigeria under Buhari?
Buhari will begin to step on
toes of Nigerians shortly when he is sworn in.  
The political environment from where Buhari emanates will play a major
factor when he gets to office. Buhari is Hause-Fulani extraction including
El-Rufai who can insult anybody. Yar’adua is also Fulani and when he got to
office newly, he brought everybody on board but by the time he settled down, he
became a Fulani.
By June this year, this
Fulani man from Daura, Buhari assume office, I can bet you he will now turn to
real Fulani man.   When Jonathan got to
office, he had no slippers. He was the Daniel of the whole world. We voted him.
When he settled down, he became an Ijaw man.
The only Yoruba persons that
were close to Obasanjo as president was the Director of SSS, one Aare from
Abeokuta and one Mr. Taiwo who resumed as his private Chief of Staff in the
house, the remaining aides were mainly Igbo and Fulanis including Dangote,
El-Rufai, Kemachukwe, Okonjo Iweala.
But Jonathan spoilt whole
system by cornering all available key positions for his kinsmen and drove
others from other tribes away from his government, that was the beginning of
the problem for the outgoing administration.
Had he known, he would not
have allowed them to use the money they garnered under his government against
him and his government. Now, those people that left the PDP are those winning
the election on the platform of APC. So, when Buhari gets there also, whether
you like it or not, he will do it and he will offend a lot of us, he will
offend his sponsors.

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