OAP Freeze Disses Entertainers, You Can’t March Against Piracy When You Wear Fake Watches Yourselves

Now it’s official and it’s
so much safe to call OAP Freeze of Cool Fm a trouble maker. Like seriously,
Freeze said that? Lol… does he know how many people that will come after him
for that?

Toor… So after entertainers marched this week against piracy to the
Lagos State Government house, where Governor Fashola addressed them, on air
personality with Cool Fm, Freeze however feels the walk wasn ‘t necessarily
needed as those that walked against piracy practise such too. Freeze says they
need to stop wearing fake wrist watches if at all they have to march against
piracy. Remember Freeze is a diehard fan of expensive wrist watches and he has
many in millions (it’s a fact people!). What he said;
‘Celebrities marching
against piracy yet they wear fake (Pirated) watches. Stop patronizing sites
like these and maybe, just maybe they would stop pirating your movies and
music. Funny thing about piracy is that it only hurts when it’s been done to
you! The same way it hurts when your material is being pirated is the same way
it hurts #Rolex #FranckMuller #Cartier #Hublot #Panerai #Patek etc.’

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