Photos: 7ft 8in Giant Finds Love With A Woman Almost 3ft Smaller Than Him


A 7ft 8in man who was so
embarrassed about his height he spent ‘half his life’ hiding away at home, has
now found love with a woman almost three foot smaller than him. 28-year-old
Joelison Fernandes da Silva has been described as Brazil’s ‘gentle giant’ and
is officially the country’s tallest man, after he developed gigantism as a

Despite his towering
stature, he was bullied as a teen and, after dropping out of school, became a
virtually recluse to avoid people’s stares. ‘I saw myself as abnormal,’ he

However, since having an
operation at the age of 21 to remove a benign tumour on his pituitary gland,
his condition is now under control and he has grown in confidence.
He even became a bit of a
celebrity in Paraiba, Brazil, where he lives, and began to attract admirers,
including 21-year-old Evem Medeiros who he met last year and now married to

Evem who is 5ft, is almost
three foot smaller than her partner, but says the height difference does not
matter because they are in love. The couple are now trying to have a baby.
Though Evem’s father rejected her partner at first, he has also come to terms
with the fact that his daughter has chosen to live with the tallest man in

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