POOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: Your Child Needs One On One Teaching


Before you criticize that
child’s educational performance, you need to bear it in mind that our schools
don’t have enough time for individual students. Not all students can do well
under collective teaching but the one on one teaching has helped to deliver

The best teaching
methodology over the ancient years and up till date is the one on one teaching
method. It’s the most effective and it’s 100% result driven. Our seasoned
teachers, result driven methodology, scheme of work and leadership skills have
placed our off school learning academy ahead of others. If your child’ academic
performance is low the next option to turn to is certainly the one on one
teaching method. For effective one on one teaching and free counselling please
contact us. smartlearning256@gmail.com. 07059216452, 08169930410.

Result Driven
The fact that both teacher
and learner are alone together for the duration of the class means a different
kind of pressure sometimes greater, sometimes less. For example, there is
considerable pressure because both are ‘always on’, and the need to achieve
results can be much greater for the teacher, but the learner may feel less
pressure because there no others in the class. A private teacher can’t afford
to give an excuse for failure, he/she must deliver the required result.

Students have the constant
attention of the teacher so they can listen to and contribute more than they
might in a group situation.
Lack of competition

Their strengths and
weaknesses are addressed more consistently and fully without the competition of
other students for the teacher’s time.
Timing and structure

One to one classes,
especially private ones, often move at a pace decided by the learner and their
needs rather than an institution’s course/term structure. There is also
flexibility in the length of classes, which can be timed around learning aims
rather than a timetable. Often there is no need to think about an exam or other
formal evaluation.

Many learners decide that
they need a one to one class and then seek out a teacher, organise materials,
schedule times, and agree cost independently. They are often highly motivated
to learn. For the same reasons, you may be much more motivated to teach. In
addition, you may feel a much higher degree of responsibility for one learner
than a large group where many learning factors are outside their control. The
teacher motivates the student frequently in order to help achieve a desired

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