Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This Is Nigeria's Finest Moment - Tinubu

National leader, All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Ahmed Tinubu has described the victory of the Presidential candidate of the APC, General Muhammadu Buhari, as Nigeria's finest moment in its political history.

"It is a moment when hope is re-born, faith is rekindled and a fresh fire of patriotism is released for the task ahead. I congratulate General Buhari, Nigeria's President-elect,  on his  hard won victory. I salute our gallant party leaders and members for running the long distance to victory. To millions of Nigerians, I say this - the APC seeks not power for its sake, but for the purpose of bringing a better life to our people and re-building our country.

"This is also democracy' s finest moment. Nigerians alive today have witnessed the beginning of an era of change . They made this happen and they are the true celebrants and they are deserving. Together, we share this victory.Side by side we would work together to bring our country back."


  1. Replies

      BECOS ITS BOLA TINUBUS INFLUENCE that is allowing all these APC leaders (including fashola) to be voted in as governor. Without Tinubu, Jimi Agbaje will stand a better chance.

      Tinubu sabi politics like mama sabi pikin, with his wicked wisdom

  2. Yes o Ladun, God bless the people of Nigeria, He heard our cries and he rose up to vindicate his own people, a people ,a race he has made promises of goodness to for all ages.
    God bless you too Ladun now and always, btw, I love the traffic update you have on your site, its a big step and it will only be for better things to come.
    I remain a huge fan of your blog, keep it up.

  3. Man of the moment

  4. Tinubu is what a politician worth his onions should be.
    A little bit of gangsterism with a lot of class.

    Thank you Ashiwaju for making the change we needed a possibility.

    Thank you for being a true son of ODUDUWA for standing your ground throughout and refusing to be bought, silenced and compromised.

    Without you, the whole of SW and indeed the whole of Nigeria will be in hands of PDP till eternity.

    Let haters keep on hating despite what you have done for them and their idiotic and moronic parents.
    They keep on calling you 'ole' without any proof that you stole anything. No proof that you ever embezzled government funds but they still keep on hating.

    They claimed you were a drug dealer in USA but when the USA ambassador in Nigeria said it is a lie and you were never a criminal in USA,the haters still continue to spread their false message.

    We care less about them because they are insignificant in Nigeria' political' equation.
    The election just showed it. Despite all the dollars they took from Ebeleme and the inflation of results in their regions, they lost woefully.

    Aluta continuata.


  5. Nigerians are happy with the change. Kudos to Tinubu for making it possible

  6. Tinubu is sure the happiest man in Nigeria right now

  7. If I hear you

  8. This is surely our finest moment

  9. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    True talk man but this guy dey happy pass Buhari o... Congrats BUHARIANS..... Sai Buhari

  10. GEJ was held at gun point by the cabals to concede and call GMB,that is the truth. I can assure ,business will be as usual. Seeing the likes of tinubu and Yorubas that always know how to betray and Amechi ,nothing will happen, is going to be chop I chop. Oil blocks and all will flow to tinubu ,tinubu will nominate same old fools as minister. Is annoying

  11. bet me.we will all remember GEJ, after 8 year from now.bcos, buhari can't fix education, healthcare, economy, security, infrastructure, power, youth employment, agribusiness, oil and gas, corruption.

  12. JUNE 12!!! NEVER FORGET!!!

  13. Never forget June 12!