Toor! They Say A Governor-Elect Has Celebrated His Victory With A Nude Party

Balling! So news has it
that a governor-elect, though he has been declared the winner of his state by
INEC, but the opposition party feels the election was rigged and has headed to
court. But boy oh boy, Oga has already started celebrating his victory, and in
a very special way. They say he held a closed door party at a Maitama mansion where girls displayed their you know what freely and went home with thousands
of naira after the party. Hehehe it is not my story, but wanna know the governor-elect and the names involved? Make google your best friend right now, it’s an open secret on google… and ofcus run back here for more stories, don’t stay on google after reading the story o, it can’t help you, lol. 

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