Trial Of Man Who Killed 12, Injured 70 In Cinema Begins

James holmes, 27, the Batman killer whose trial finally
began yesterday was alleged to have killed a dozen people to make himself feel
better after his first love broke up with him. The prosecutor, George Brauchler
paints a vivid picture of the scene that left relatives of the victims in
tears. He said the killer had split up with an unnamed first love who he had
discussed topics like neuroscience, cannibalism and his pet gerbil Lucifer with
However his girlfriend didn’t want a long term relationship
with him, so he then tried to murder a room full of people to make himself feel
James killed 12 people and injured 70 more at a crowded
midnight screening of the batman film titled; ‘The dark Knight Rises’ in July
2012 before he was overpowered and arrested.
“When James Holmes stepped in to that theatre in July
2012, he was insane. His mind had become controlled by a disease, disease that
that had plagued him and pursued him for years. He is mentally unstable, his
lawyer argued. The case has however been postponed.

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