Thursday, April 2, 2015

Will You Make Heaven If You Are Into This?

LMAO! This has got nothing to do with Christianity but I found it on Facebook and it has got to do with single/married guys who lure ladies into having relationships with them just to have their cakes. It’s so funny, and the way the writer ended it, even made it funnier. But sincerely, will you make heaven if all you do is go around lying to girls and luring them into your bed and eventually abandon them after making them fall in love with you? Hahaha Fear God, a mansion in hell might await you, if you don’t change lol. I am such a copycat, now read what the writer wrote. Yummy! I so love the way he ended it. Continue...

Before she accepted to be your girlfriend,
You were always calling her as early as
4:am in the morning to wish her good
morning, Calling her at 7:am to know if she
has had breakfast, Called her after
breakfast to know her plans for the day,
Called her at exactly 12noon to wish her
good afternoon, Called her by 2:pm to ask
her to have lunch with you, 4:pm you
called her to wish her good evening, 6:pm
you called to know what she will be having
for dinner, 8:pm you called to know what
time she will have her night bath and go to
bed, 10:pm, you called to hear her voice,
one last time before you sleep, 12:30am,
you called to know if she was sleeping
alone and could kip you company through
out the night, 4:am you wished her good
morning, 4:30am you asked her to go to
bed so she can wake up earlier than the
devil. Text messages as well as chats on
social networking sites were not left out.
This continued till she got to accept to date
you. You always told her how much you
love and cherish her, that you are ready to
do whatsoever it takes to make her your
Girlfriends, your wife and the mother Of
Your Unborn Kids. You went ahead to
show her to your friends and some family
members as your girlfriend, pending her
acceptance. She started feeling so close to
you, your friends started calling her "our
wife", You sent your friends and some of
her friends to talk to her to accept dating
you. After some time, she accepted to date
you, you felt you have done what
James Bond could never do. You guys
go out, see each other, cuddle, kiss but do
not have sex cause she told you she is not
ready for that yet. You told her that she
doesn't trust you enough, or even love you.
She felt bad about the way you were
talking because she has started getting
used to you and would do anything never
to hurt you. She now gave in, allowed you
explore her body, you took her pride, her
dignity, or maybe you weren't the first to
do THAT with her, but utmostly she gave
you her body. The relationship went on
well, then slowly it began to fade. You
stopped sending her messages on social
network platforms, to chat with her
became a problem but you are always
online. She was now the one calling to
know your plans for the day because she
wanted to be part of it, You were always
telling her how hectic, stressful and busy
your day was.. You can go for a week
without talking to her on phone or
wanting to see her, You only see her when
you want her to do something for you. You
started talking to other girls, the little time
you spend with her, It's either you are
online and chatting with someone or on
phone. When she complains that you are
not giving her time and attention, you say
she is too demanding. She spends her
valentine´s day, Easter, Christmas, New
year, Birthdays alone. She does not
complain, demand for expensive things or
nag. All your promises, you broke them,
you only wanted to have your own share
of the cake- her body, You toiled with her
feelings and emotions, you cheat on her,
lie to her, treat her with disrespect, ignore
her amongst other things. When was the
last time you asked her about her
problems? When was the last time you
took her to somewhere quiet? When was
the last time you surprised her with that
little thing that makes her happy? You
spend your time, money and love outside,
leaving her in a dark room. You lied,
deceived and lured her into dating you,
sleeping with you, You made her fall in-
love with you. Ask yourself this question,
will I make heaven with this behavior of
mine? Will God ever forgive me for
breaking her heart, deceiving her, making
her believe in me, betraying her trust and
love.... Oh!..That's so unfair!!

Will you have another man do the same to your
daughter, sister or female bestie? You have
dated her for a year, 2years, or even 5years
without plans for her, will u make heaven
at last? You are cheating on your wife,
girlfriend, fiancee, busy texting and
chatting with other females, forgetting
your promises to this girl that has given
you everything, her body, soul, love,
support, loyalty, humility, respect &
everything that she has gotten. She get
into fights with her parents cause of you
hmm, She sneak out of the house to be
with you, go against her values and beliefs
just to be with you and make you happy,
She jilted other guys, declined other
proposals but yet you choose to pay her
back in this way! My dear, you have a
mansion waiting for you in Hell, if you do
not change your ways!

If you are married,
Go back to your wife, bring back that first
love. . . If it's your girlfriend or fiancee
bring back the good old days. Do those
things that brought you guys together
again, and You will be surprised to see the
goddess in her..
Just think about this for a few seconds!


  1. Replies
    1. The above scenario is only Natural and it applies to both sexes. Example , you see that fancy car in the show room Everytime you passby and it cost 20m , you keep wishing and praying for it , after a while you get a good chunk of money and buy it, the first drive is almost a dream , superb feeling etc . Several drives later it's as if you've never been without it , one day this flagship of a car will be used to go and buy bread around the corner another day you will use same to carry firewood . Humans are bound to get comfortable and soon forget the era before a certain acquisition or change in status, truly it's about moving on to the next accomplishment , this clearly includes women, that hot sweet girl that seemed to float by ( not walk) when you didn't know her, will forever remain hot until you give her a drive , after you've thoroughly explored her in and out (crevices especially) she will never seem so special again the next hot thing doesn't even need to be as pretty and classy as she is , just unexplored. This is the reason why a man will leave his beauty queen of a wife and face a basic girl , sometimes house girls will even appeal to such men. This is a main cause of crashed marriages, people should always reinvent themselves so as to maintain a spark in their marriages. NOTE:THIS APPLIES TO BOTH SEXES ,NOT ONLY MEN ARE GUILTY

  2. This i am sure is peculiar to a lot of guys out there. repent else mansion in HELL. lol

  3. Ladies too, not only guys

  4. too long jare...but wait ohh, were you the victim? i smell lies...

  5. Replies
    1. wages of sin is death. No sinner shall enter heaven whether girl or boy

  6. too much, let me wait for comments

  7. Lol Ladun they will not make it to heaven

  8. It is true. the way guys toy with ladies heart is heartbreaking

    1. How many times do you buy credits to call your bf weekly?So make we no hustle to make money?It may be you just flash him to call you back.shey Na only you we go just focus on.For the fact that we pester you before you finally accept our friendship doesn't mean we shouldnt have time to do other important things.

  9. You are talking to the Casanovas not gentleman like me.

  10. Ladies that break men heart nko, what do you have to say to them

  11. Soj of Manchester02 April, 2015 15:04

    Shine your eyes wella before you fall in love

    to all my single ladies

    1. Love is reciprocal.How many times do you call your boyfriend in a week?Not flashing o.You need to spice up the relationship other than just sex alone.

  12. If you know how much time and money guyz spent on recharge cards,tfare to visit the girl daily and gifts you will know we also needs rest.@ladun,so allowing a guy to eat your apple is selling your dignity ba?Didn't you enjoy the fun too?or didn't you chop his money before you finally succumbed to date him?Btw, are you talking out of experience?

    1. You are a confirm stingy guy. Can't allow my sister to date a guy like you

  13. Your message is one-sided, not objective

  14. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    Guys wicked i swear....

  15. Its true talk but applied to both sexes....God help us all

  16. When a lady puts up a complain, it makes her look so innocent to attract sympathy but ppl don't get to know the hidden details. Nobody says wot d guy did was right. Most ladies out there do worse to guys so It doesn't move me. You've learnt your lesson so move on. Same way some ladies act so good n innocent during dating n suddenly turn into tigress after d ring n godzilla after a baby or two. Life is risk or better still trial n error until u get wot u can manage to live with; good man or woman is not written on foreheads..u just have to figure out.
    NB ladies only: even if it took a guy a zillion year to get into ur pant, certain things will make him leave u almost immediately. Cos he'll be like "so she get issues like dis n com dey form shakara"? Issues such as 1) Lies 2) pretending 3) disrespecting 4) hygiene problems (vagina odour) 5) pride. Etc.
    Same way some ladies can't keep up wit guys with smelly boxers, bad breath , poor finance etc.

  17. FACT. Thank you Ladun for this

  18. It's on both side

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