Council Sparks Outrage After Asking Pupils As Young As 9 Whether It Is OK To Marry From A Different Race/Religion


A council has sparked outrage with parents after it sent out
a survey asking children whether it would be acceptable to ‘marry someone from
a different race or religion’.

Pupils as young as nine at Buxton Primary School in east
London were handed the voluntary questionnaire by Waltham Forest Council last
week as part of its new safeguarding project.
The Building Resilience through Integration & Trust
(BRIT) programme, which is funded by the European Commission, aims to help
protect youngsters from potentially harmful information online.
But parents were shocked to learn their children, who are in
Year 5 or 6, had been asked a string of controversial questions including ‘how
much do you trust people of another race/religion?’ and ‘would you mind if a
family of a different race or religion moved next door?’
Several took to social media, sparking outcry from other
Twitter users who described it as ‘unbelievable’ and ‘appalling’.
One user said: ‘How old are these kids?! Young children
(esp. boys) have literally no idea about marriage [sic].’
Another added: ‘It’s very sad if any 7 year old thinks it is
not OK to marry someone from a different race or religion’.
Anne Booth on Twitter said: ‘I’m appalled at that
questionnaire and the implicit assumptions and ignorance within it. Who devised
Others felt that the form was being directed specifically at
Muslim children, asking if they agree with statements such as ‘God has a
purpose for me’ and ‘I believe my religion is the only correct one’.
The school’s executive head teacher, Kathleen Wheeler, has
strongly defended the survey and said in a letter home to parents that the
project had been ‘misunderstood’ on social media.
She said:  ‘The school takes extremely seriously its
responsibility to develop pupils’ understanding of the world we live and our
duty to create a community that is respectful of all religions, faiths and
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