I Work Hard To Make My Buttocks BIG & Never Mind I Know I’m A S3x Symbol- Moyo Lawal Boasts


Moyo Lawal in a new interview with a Punch reporter has
confessed she works hard on making her buttocks big and she is very much aware that
people see her as a s3x symbol. The actress spoke alot about fashion and
ofcourse her body too. Enjoy

What do you do to maintain an hourglass figure?
I thought I have added a lot of weight and the hourglass
figure is not so obvious again. I do a lot of waist training and I go to the
gym when I notice that I am a bit sluggish. I go to the gym a lot.
Did you do anything to make your buttocks bigger?
Yes. I do squats and you really would not want to know how
many I do per day. If I wear an outfit and I see that I look funny in it, the
next time I go to the gym, I could do about a thousand squats in a day.
What part of your
body do you see as a major asset?
That would be my eye.
When it comes to work, my eyes have helped me get a lot of jobs and
opportunities. I go for an audition and they tell me to read a script and while
I read, they give me the role because they say they can see the way I feel through
my eyes.
How many jewellery
boxes do you have?
I don’t have boxes, I
have jewellery drawers; several layers of drawers.
How do you deal with
criticism from people who don’t align with your fashion taste?
I don’t read their
comments and when I stumble on some, I pray silently that people should have
mercy on me. I am just an actress who is trying and I am someone who loves to
style herself. I cannot always get it right.
Did you bleach your
I think I was born
fair. I am not a dark person. I was born fair and I have become fairer.
So what did you do to
make your skin fairer?
That is my secret and
I cannot share it except you pay me.
Are you aware that
you are seen as a s3x symbol in the Nigerian movie industry?
Yes, I am aware.
How do you feel about

I think it is ironic
because I don’t think I am that s3xy in real life. That was why last year, I
did not accept any role that portrayed me as being s3xy. The only roles I
accepted were the very serious ones. I am trying to bring a whole new side of
Moyo Lawal to the table. Being a s3x symbol is something I have accepted but it
is time I pushed my career beyond projecting my s3xiness.

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