P.Diddy’s 3 AM Fragrance Commercial Ad Banned + You Can Watch It Here

P.Diddy’s new fragrance’s commercial
has been banned from airing on tv because it is too racy, but you can get to
watch it online. We were so curious after we saw a snippet of it on his IG page
and decided to go to style.com where we can watch it in full glare.  And oh boy! I totally support the ban.
Like seriously, you don’t watch
such an ad during the day and don’t even get horny except you are…… not to talk
of watching it alone and imagine what Diddy was doing to Cassie, at this time
of the day and excuse me… it’s Diddy, not someone else ho!! Haha our big big
crush… oh dear, you can only imagine. So the fragrance commercial was banned,
and we think it’s so cool. Before you say LADUN.. please watch the full snippet
here and tell us you weren’t horny. Haha I never said I was plsss hehe. Also
continue below to see the reason Diddy gave for using Cassie in the new ad.

It’s an interesting story. My girlfriend,
she’s a model and she’s also a recording artist. And I had casted someone for
the commercial and the commercial has these intense-type of love scenes. When I
saw who I casted for the commercial, it wasn’t as natural as it would be if it
was somebody that I really had an affection for and also someone that I had
made love to before.
So basically, a light goes off in
my head. It’s two hours before the commercial. I said, ‘I need to call my
girlfriend, she needs to be in the commercial. She’s a model, one of the most
beautiful women in the world.’ So I called her. And this is just us doing the
photoshoot. but’s really for the campaign [for new fragrance].

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