Photos: Incredible Moment A Woman Sees Her Dead Brother’s FACE On Another Man’s Body

This was the touching moment when a young woman whose family
made the heartbreaking decision to donate her dead brother’s face for
transplant met the recipient for the first time.
Rebecca Aversano met Richard Norris at his home in Virginia
(main picture) and immediately recognised the features of her brother Joshua
(left), who was hit by a van and killed in 2012.
‘Wow. This is the face I grew up with,’ she said. ‘Can I
touch it?’ Mr Norris (after the transplant, right) was horribly
disfigured 18 years ago when he accidentally fired a shotgun into his face. He
endured more than 36 hours of ground-breaking surgery to receive 21-year-old Mr
Aversano’s face.

During their emotional meeting filmed by an Australian news
programme, Mr Norris told Miss Aversano: ‘You saved my life.’
The incredible meeting between Rebekah Aversano, Joshua’s
sister, and Norris has been filmed for 60 Minutes on Nine.

It was set up partly so that he could thank the Aversano
family for ‘saving my life’. Scientists are working.

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