We Endorsed Jonathan As Our Presidential Candidate For FREE

Mr Kayode Ajulo, the National Secretary of the Labour Party
in an interview with John Alechenu has challenged anyone who accused his party
of collecting N300m from President Jonathan to endorse him as their presidential
candidate in the March 28th presidential election to come out and prove
it. According to Ajulo, President Jonathan was endorsed for free by his party
and no money exchanged hands at all. Continue…

There is the news
making the rounds that your party collected N100m to endorse Jonathan for the
2015 election.
Let me start by saying that this controversy has vindicated
the Labour Party in the sense that immediately after endorsing the President, a
lot of rumours began to go round. Some people said we were given N300m, some
said N1bn and some even said $1bn; as I speak with you as a lawyer – on my
honour – and I am sure because I have a good rapport and a good relationship
with our party chairman, I am not aware that any money exchanged hands between
the Presidency and my party. As the national secretary of the party, I am the
number two person in the party hierarchy by order of protocol. No money
exchanged hands between my chairman and the party. We have been vindicated. I
did not receive any money from anybody. I challenge anybody who gave me or the
party any amount of money to come out and say I gave Kayode Ajulo money for the
election. Even when the allegation that a presidential aide was given money for
our party came up, we read it in the papers like everybody else. I called my
chairman and we held a meeting and resolved to get to the bottom of it. We are
still trying to get where the whole thing is coming from. We, as members of the
Labour Party, condemn inducement of any party. Whatever is to be given to the
party must be in tandem with the Electoral Act.
Mr Kayode Ajulo also condemned a statement credited to APC
that they had shut their doors to defecting politicians from other parties,
especially PDP.

This is clearly a violation of the constitution. We are all
aware when they (APC) applied to the Independent National Electoral Commission
for registration. One of the conditions you have to meet before you are
registered is that you have to subscribe to all the provisions of the
constitution. In fact, every Nigerian political party is a product of the
constitution and part of your undertaking is that you subscribe to the
provisions of the constitution. For you to now start threatening to shut your
door against people is a complete violation of that provision. A political
party is not the property of any individual and that is why you have INEC
regulating you. Everybody has a right of ingress and egress with certain
conditions. You cannot say because somebody is coming today you want to shut
your door. It is when a person misbehaves or violates some of your rules and
regulations after becoming a member that you can now show them the way out
either by suspension or expulsion – depending on the gravity of the offence. To
now use a blanket cover to block some people, I think the party has overreached

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