GF Hits Too Hard On Man While On Top Of Him Having S3x And Alas His P*n*s Broke

One man’s romantic night in with his girlfriend was ruined
after he fractured his penis while having s3x. Alan Parke heard his penis
‘snap’ during intercourse with his girlfriend Clarissa and ‘saw blood spurt
everywhere’, he claimed while speaking to Irish Mirrior.
‘I’ve never known pain like it. It was absolutely
excruciating,’ Mr Parke expatiated.
‘We were just having s3x, I was on the bottom and Clarissa
was on top. All of a sudden I heard something snap. Clarissa was trying to calm
me down because I was jumping around. It was the worst pain I’ve ever
experienced,’ he said.

The couple rushed to Letterkenny General Hospital where Mr
Parke was immediately transferred to another hospital in Galway. He then
underwent emergency surgery to repair his broken penis.
Mr Parke was off work for two months after the operation,
and said he spent most of that time lying in bed in immense pain.
In the first two weeks after having his penis repaired, he
had to call an ambulance seven times because he couldn’t control the blood.
A nurse would also visit his house to change the dressing on
the injury.

Three months on, Mr Parke has almost recovered. 

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